About Goal


 Date : 3 sept 2007

          Basically a student has to cross 3 level for learning a topic in-depth. Lets have a example of an assignment of OpenGL, level of student is that he knows C++ well and can use TC or GCC.

  • Resource collection
  • Start actual Assignment
  • Develop/Design Some Big Projects

Finding the tutorials, right software and IDE comes in first section. for example I found good package in Dev-Cpp and how to use it,after searching a lot on google. Difficult in installation of software, Difficult to use new IDE, also comes in first section. For simple start-up coding we need to deal with every details in tutorials or books at the very beginning but we can start with a good template and some hello-world type of programs. Once we know all these things our main task will be a easy and we can tell others and their task will also be easier. This is a discovery stage. Students stay a long time at this stage.

In second level student starts actual coding work or analytical work.

In third level he/she supposed to make big and new type of projects from his own curiosity and willingness, to get a complete picture of topic. Students waste maximum time at 1st level and give small time in level 2 and rarely reaches to 3rd level.

  • Our Goal is produce a good initial help so that they can put minimum or zero time at 1st level and
  • Try to solve or devote time on the 3rd level in the field of his/her interest.
  • Development of distributed local sub groups to work on common projects and problems.
  • Students can produce miracles in their field of interest if they are properly encouraged by mentors.