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Welcome To Mr. Britton's Computer Class Web Page. Lesson plans for all the Google and Office products: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. Graphics programs PhotoShop. Web page design using Google Sites. Also introduce your students to GameMaker a fantastic way to teach your students the logic of programming in a fun way. We also offer vocab sheets, study guides and tests. 

Mr. Britton is a Level 1 Certified Educator
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  • Create quality computer technology curriculum that is informative, engaging and fun.
  • Create a paperless classroom that has all lessons, study guides, and tests online.
  • Give students instant feedback by creating assignments and tests that are self grading.
  • Future goal. Integrate online tests with a gradebook to eliminate time wasting manual entry of grades.
Course Objectives
  • Develop ergonomics and keyboarding skills.
  • Competency using Windows operating system.
  • Competency at saving and organizing files.
  • Effectively search for text, image and multimedia information on the Internet
  • Introduce students to digitizing information using scanner and digital camera.
  • Web page design using Dreamweaver 8.
  • Develop word processing skills using Word.
  • Introduce students to Excel spreadsheet program.
  • Design multimedia Slide Show using PowerPoint.
  • Introduce students to PC parts
  • Teachers if you would like to use the materials on this site you can purchase them from my teachers-pay-teachers site, Check it out
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