Removing HTC Locations from an HTC Sensation

So, you've just spent £lots on an HTC Sensation, and found that, somewhat annoyingly, when you want to navigate to someone using the "People" application, or get to a calendar invite reminder, the phone keeps loading HTC Locations instead of Google Maps/Navigation?

It's also quite annoying when you find you can't change that default behaviour, even after a hard reset....

Anyway, TeamWin have released their Fre3vo exploit, which gives you temporary root on the Sensation, and in conjunction with that, here is how to remove the HTC Locations app, and return to default Google Navigation behaviour!  NB: Actually these instructions 'disable' the application, rather than remove it - but the effect is the same :)

UPDATE: There is now an easier way (although I've not personally tested it), as pointed out to me by one Adam Burr.  An app on the market allows you to re-route the navigation request, and bypass HTC Locations.  Please note that TechBobbins has nothing whatsoever to do with the application, and is not endorsing it - but it might help a few people who are less comfortable playing around with root & ADB.  Anyway, you can find it here : (thanks Adam!)

If you are comfortable with rooting your phone/playing with ADB - then read on :)

NOTE: This solution assumes you know enough about Android handsets to operate ADB effectively, and have a copy installed already.  If you don't know what ADB is, you definitely don't want to be screwing around inside your phone.
  1. Visit the XDA Sensation Forum Fre3vo post and read it! (1st post)
  2. Download the Fre3vo tool from that post and follow the instructions
    Visit the Guide to installing S-OFF (...) on XDA and root your phone with a custom ROM
  3. Once you have a root shell (# prompt), execute the following commands from a root command prompt:
    pm disable
    pm disable
    pm disable
  4. Reboot your phone (just type reboot from a command prompt)
  5. You should find "Locations" is no longer in the application menu
  6. You should find if you select a contact with an address, and click "View address", it loads Google Navigation
  7. For calendar invites, clicking View address should also load Google Navigation
Enjoy :)
kaospiloten from the ARHD thread on XDA tested my method and confirms that with the above in place, the car dock will NOT launch HTC Navi, so you are free to run Tasker (or other custom event application) to load Google Nav etc.

NOTE: The above WILL survive a Fre3vo temproot/reboot, or can be used with a custom ROM (assuming HTC Locations was included in that ROM).  It does NOT uninstall the application, it merely disables it.

HTC - if you're listening/reading - by all means supply your own choice of apps, and make them default, but PLEASE supply a method to use another application, or remove the supplied ones.  Forcing people to use an application is one thing - but when that application wants you to spend additional money to gain more functionality which is already available for free on the device, that's not cool!  Choice however, is cool.

And to be clear, my previous Android phone (also HTC) was rooted and hacked to get what I wanted on it.   Apart from seriously hating HTC Locations, the rest of Sensation and Sense 3.0 is brilliant.
UPDATE: As of April 2013, I've migrated to a Google Nexus 4.  Goodbye HTC Sensation - it was nice whilst it lasted!