Instructional Strategies

The teacher promotes student learning by using research-based instructional strategies relevant to the content area to engage students in active learning and to promote key skills.

Objective: Integrate 21st-century tools into standards-based daily instruction to aid in student engagement and active learning.


Standard Elements

Resources & Collaborative Tools

3.1 Engages students in active learning and maintains interest.

3.4 Uses a variety of research-based instructional strategies and resources.


3.5 Effectively uses appropriate instructional technology to enhance student learning.


3.6 Communicates and presents material clearly, and checks for understanding.



    Collaborative Tools

  • Student Response Systems to aid in student engagement and formative assessment.
  • Develop Interwrite Workspace and multimedia presentations.
  • Student-centered curriculum tools such as online textbooks and web 2.0 resources.


Supporting evidence may include lesson plans that incorporate 21st century classroom tools, artifacts that include research-based teaching strategies, and class observation notes.