Buy or sell car on Craigslist

Craigslist Car listing research utility in the form of Firefox Addons, Google Chrome Extension and Greasemonkey userscript.

After you start using it, you will have a pretty good idea about which cars and at what price are good buy.

What it does:

  • Appends relevant car Review comments pulled from Making the research effort easy. This information is invaluable for a used car buyer.
  • Displays the approximate Price of car at bottom. Information is pulled from Automotive and Motortrend sites.
  • Displays the useful factory Recall List for this particular car model.
  • Adds a StumbleUpon, facebook links. StumbleUpon lets you add/read rating/review of particular website. Its a good feature.
  • If StumbleUpon review comment exists for this car sale posting then it pulls that comment and shows it right there on the page.
  • Shows a short list of similar ads on craigslist for the selected car year model. This will provide some guess on what the going rate is.
  • A button on top of page to enable / disable this research easily.
  • Highlights the words accident / rebuilt / moving. Saves time if you want to skip accident car ads.
  • Displays Car reliability information from MSN Autos in a frame.
  • Provides link to Canadian Black Book site for useful for people in Canada as this site isn't as popular as kelly blue book in US.
  • Displays consumer review and discussion from
  • If there is a phone number in the post then it makes it easy to do a search of the phone number on Craigslist to find out if the ad poster has posted any other ads. This sometimes help in determining if its moving sale or a ad by a reseller etc.

Note: It adds all this information only for most common and popular car make/models.

Feedback : Please provide feed back on Firefox Addons page or on page.

Google Chrome Extension:

Get Google Chrome extension from: craigslist-car-research.

Firefox Addon:

With this methods its easier to get updates. Please do write the review on Mozilla Addons site. If you are already familiar with and using Firefox then just install the Firefox Add-ons from:



If you are already familiar with and using Greasemonkey then just install the script from:


 Or from here

If you have never used Greasemonkey then you need to go through 3 steps:

Some demo videos on youtube about how to use/install greasemonkey:

Or if you have never used Greasemonkey then you need to go through 2 steps:


Lower part of page:

Showing the review comments from A very useful information.

If there exists any StumbleUpon comments for the selected Craigslist car ad then the comments are shown at bottom of car ad. Adds useful information if anyone has researched on the car or contacted the car owner and made some comments on their StumbleUpon site regarding the ad, then that comment is pulled and shown on the ad page.

For select models, it also shows the automotive suggested Trade-In ( Trade in is the approx. price that dealer pays for buying the used private party car. )

Also shows the factory Recall List for the selected car model year. It indicates what was defective in the car and possibly was repared by the dealer.

There is also a section on the page where it displays particular car model related Reliability information from MSN Autos site.