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  •   Cellphones can be used for traffic monitoring in a busy city like Bangalore or Mumbai. Nowadays we have Mobile tracking systems(Find out the location of the cellphone at any given time) installed by all service providers. We can enhance the service to detect the movement of a number of Cellphones in a particular area ( preferably busy streets) and readily arrive at the speed of the traffic in that road. This way, there can be a centralized system that can detect Traffic Jams faster and notify registered customers.(Want to know how can we implement this? Mail to
  •   We always see that our mobile phone loses the charge at critical point of time or our laptop too does it often! :D . Wireless Energy transfer is not new at all.. We can have a device to allow wireless Recharging. So, You need not always have a plug point for wired recharging.(Want to find out how it can be done? Mail to
  •   Nowadays, Multiplexes are coming up in Bangalore and everywhere else too in India. We have seen people ordering lots of eatables during intervals standing in a queue. A better way to tackle this problem is to introduce key pads on each seat, so that a person can order anything sitting in his seat and an intimation is sent to the person responsible. Later he can serve what ever he has ordered for while watching the movie it self. No queues... Full rest!!(Want to know how to implement it? Contact me:
  •   In the car the mirrors for the back view cause very much friction with the wind, and very often get hit by another car. The fiber optics can be put in a car so they can reflect what is behind you on a small sceen in the car without the need of cameras or mirrors.(Want to know how can it be done? Contact me:
  •   Like magnetic poles repel each other, right?. What if we were to have pavements or "magnetic ways" that were the same magnetic pole as a magnetic skateboard. People will be able to hover and move by leaning forward and stop by leaning backwards.
    No fuel or energy is consumed either. Surely we could use this concept for motor vehicles on highways?

  • Everyone has old tapes. It would be cool to be able to listen to them on the PC. A tape-rom, just like the CD-rom could be made and although it could be used to easily copy music from the tape to the PC and then to a CD.
  •   How about an alarm clock with a built in hard disk that you can transfer your favourite MP3 tracks to via USB. It would be like an ordinary bedside alarm clock, but the alarm would play your favourtie music MP3 to wake you up!
  •     I noticed that more and more people are using computers, and that lots of people spend time chatting and surfing the web, or just doing work.
    I'm sure that the energy used in hitting a button on the keyboard or moving a mouse could create some energy, this power multiplied by millions of people on millions of computers, would generate a lot of power, and it's good for the enviroment. (Want to know how can it be done? Contact me :