Tentative Agenda


Breakfast and informal conversation


Welcome: IRI; Opening remarks Greg Cohen, InsideNGO Rep: Bill Lester


General Panel One:
William Lester (EngenderHealth & NPOKI), Matthew McMichaels (IntraHealth), Rodolfo Melia (IAVI & NPOKI), Neeran Saraf (CHF International)

Common questions:

·         What motivated your organization to move to SharePoint?

·         How did you determine the scope of your implementation?

·         What areas did you reject for SharePoint use?

·         Who were the key decision-makers concerning go-no go implementation?

·         What feasibility work, in terms of infrastructure and cost, was necessary?

·         Who has been involved on your SharePoint team?

·         What were the elements of your roll-out/implementation plan in terms of preparation, legacy systems, sequencing and training?  

Drill down topics:

·         Broad enterprise use: Rodolfo Melia, IAVI

·         Transitioning Applications to SharePoint: Neeran Saraf, CHF International


Coffee Break


General Panel Two:
David Jackson (IntraHealth); Andrea Mondello (IAVI); Bob Spielvogel (EDC)

Common questions: 

·         How do you support users worldwide?

·         Considering Bandwidth

·         What works out-of-the-box?
    My Site
    SharePoint as a project management tool

·         How much customization should one expect? 

·         Approaches to workflow automation.

·         What 3rd party products have been useful or not?

·         What dedicated staff become essential with SharePoint use?

·         How do you find SharePoint consultants: who and for what?  


Lunch w/ networking groups and/or open mike


Open Mike Questions, Starting from Beginner Questions to Advanced Users

Potential and Beginning (non-Enterprise) Users Topics:

  • The assessment process;
  • Projecting total cost of use;
  • Building out from HQ;
  • Prioritizing applications within SharePoint;

Advanced Users Topics:

  • Integrating with existing systems (e.g. business intelligence uses);
  • Security and permissions,
  • HQ-field administration issues;
  • Compliance and document retention;
  • Troubleshooting in the field;
  • Legacy systems 


Snack Break


General Panel Three: Shawn Beighle (International Republican Institute); Mike Eber (Grameen Foundation); Jim Fennessey (Jhpiego);  Bill Lester (EngenderHealth & NPOKI); Richard Twigg (IFES)

Rejecting SharePoint: Why Not To Use SharePoint and What to Use Instead: Bill Lester.

Common questions, as relevant. 

How to deal with bandwidth issues II?

How to create uniform look and feel globally?

What techniques help to overcome user resistance and manage expectations?  


Wrap-up, ideas for next trainings and open mike