Workshop Info

Using SharePoint in the Global NGO Environment

Co-Sponsored by NPOKI

March 20, 2009   9:00am-5:00pm

International Republican Institute

1225 Eye St., NW
8th Floor Conference Room

Washington, DC  20005

(Closest Metro stops McPherson Square and Metro Center)

This one-day workshop, co-sponsored by NPOKI, is targeted to IT decision-makers whose responsibilities may include the selection and/or approval of tools such as SharePoint on behalf of their organizations. The focus will be on factors to consider in making the selection, implementing SharePoint solutions, and administering the system. The workshop will cover the possible uses of SharePoint within an enterprise. However, it will not concentrate on the content of specific departmental applications such as proposal/new business development or communications (intranet or public website). That will be the subject of a separate workshop, yet to be scheduled.


Given the relative newness of SharePoint use on an enterprise basis in global NGOs, the greatest expertise comes from actual experience. The presenters will be InsideNGO members who have gone through the process of evaluating and implementing SharePoint for a range of applications. Some now use SharePoint as a platform for global document management, internal and external collaborative work, intranet and public web applications and to automate business processes in areas such as HR performance management. Others use it on a much more limited basis for specific applications. We will discuss what can be accomplished with SharePoint right out of the box as well as when customization is necessary and the costs and complexities of such customization, including finding qualified consultants.


Presentations will be structured to reveal the decision-making process each organization went through to evaluate the use of SharePoint, what factors are to be considered in such assessments, including cost, complexity of implementation, availability of expertise, internal demand and readiness, training and support and ongoing administration. Each speaker will describe their “pain points” and the solutions they developed to address those difficulties. Not all presenters will be uniformly enthusiastic about SharePoint - some will describe alternative tools they prefer for certain uses.



The workshop will include panel discussions for the entire audience as well as breakout sessions based upon topics and level of knowledge. These will include grouping those already administering SharePoint systems globally as well as those at the initial stages of assessment. We will also include time for open microphone questions and answers and informal networking.


Topics to be Covered

* Planning: What I know now that I wish I knew then   

* Compliance-document retention

* Charting workflow

* Security and permissions

* Bandwidth and use in the field

* Planned the implementation

* Alternatives (e.g., Citrix, Google Apps)

* Integration with existing systems (e.g. Drupal, Salesforce)   

* Sequenced roll-out   

* Dealing with legacy systems   

* Creating uniform look and feel  

* SharePoint failures  

* Overcoming resistance from departmental users


Presenting organizations (subject to change):

International Aids Vaccine Initiative (IAVI)

Education Development Center (EDC)

FINCA International


IntraHealth International

CHF International


Access to the workshop will be available remotely. Details will be posted when available.