System Building

Building your own Desktop system.

The main reason I build my own PC is that I can carefully select appropriate parts that suit my budget. As I already have several parts I will continue using them until they fail  (Keyboard, mouse, monitor and hard drives). I already had a w7 license so I had no need to buy an OS. Since then I have upgraded to Windows 10.
I upgraded to Windows 10 as soon as it was available. I have had no major issues with Windows 10 and it is a joy to use most times.

I have built many PCs to use as my own system. This one listed below was done in December 2011. There are many professional reviews regarding most of the components I have decided upon so I won't attempt any such reviews. The system I am building is for day to day use at home. I use my desktop to watch TV  ( HD TV using 3 tuners  1 freesat DVB-S2 tuner and a dual Freesat DVB-T2 tuner- BGT3620 DVB-T2).

Update 2016 and all is still working.
I do from time to time give my PC a good clean out internally as if the components are covering in dust (especially the fan grills and the cooler radiatot) the cooling starts to suffer.

 The Components for this project included the items listed:
September 2016: Replaced GPU with an AMD RX480

In March 2017 I have built a new rig using some of the components from my previous PC.
I  have used a Ryzen 7 solution. Full details of build here

Asus Sabertooth 990FX

This unit was very well packed and the instruction manual is very clearly illustrated. Please visit the link above to see my installation experience when it is completed.



AMD Phenom II 1100 3.3Ghz 6 Core



RX 480 fine tuning


 AzureWave AD-SP400

BGT3620 DVB-T2

BlackGold Technology Ltd - BGT3620 New DVB-T2 Freeview HD card.

 Thermal Paste

xilence x5


Changed Video card to AMD RX 480

posted 26 Jul 2016, 01:01 by Frank Vella   [ updated 13 Jan 2017, 08:53 ]

Nearly a year since Windows10

posted 31 May 2016, 15:58 by Frank Vella   [ updated 13 Jun 2016, 11:15 ]

June 2016 and all still working. Now on Windows10 and all still working.
Now using a GPT partitioned drive.
The monitor has changed to a 4K monitor.

2.5 years on...

posted 7 May 2012, 01:55 by Frank Vella   [ updated 13 Jun 2016, 10:49 ]

At present I have no need to upgrade my processor  to the FX (bulldozer) range of CPUs from AMD. 
For the apps I use at present everything runs smooth and without delays.
Will reconsider if the Windows8 code shows benefits.

Have migrated to Windows 8 and now 8.1
W10 is due in a few days rig is still going strong.

2016: Upgraded to Windows 10 last summer and everything working fine at present. Also added a 4T drive for more storage.

3DMark Vantage test:

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