Trabajadores Ecologistas Con Amor por Sonaguera

Ecologists Working for the Love of Sonaguera

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  Reforestation                     Planting of Tree Species Used for Firewood                        Education

Construction of Wood-Burning Ovens              Preparation of Organic Fertilizers and Pesticides

   Construction of Latrines                        Tilapia Fish Farming                       Delivery of Provisions





The organization TECAS (Trabajadores Ecologistas Con Amor por Sonaguera = Ecologists Working for the Love of Sonaguera) was started in 2005 by a group of volunteer friends from Sonaguera in the department of Colon in Honduras. They were concerned by the deteriorating environment of their municipality and therefore felt the need to protect and recuperate the areas in danger resulting from: the indiscriminate cutting of forests, the extinction of flora and fauna and the natural disasters that make the area all the more vulnerable.


With the formation of TECAS comes the hope that those people who love ecology, as well as likeminded institutions, can work together through this aliance to strengthen and recover our region´s ecological system.


For TECAS, Environmental Education is a top priority and a fundamental instrument for achieving equlibrium and a healthy relationship between man and nature.


TECAS currently has 22 members with diverse backgrounds including that of doctors, economists, merchants, farmers, teachers, forestal engineers, agronomic engineers and priests.


Currently we´ve organized 9 communities from the mountain sector and we are developing activities such as: reforestation, the construction of letrines, tilapia fish farming, trainings in multiple areas including women, construction of wood-burning ovens that decrease the amount of firewood consuption (the firewood is used as fuel for preparing meals) and campaigns for decreasing forest fires. For the reforestation project and the construction of wood-burning ovens that were carried out in 2007 we received a five thousand dollar donation on behalf of USAID Mira.  This year we have initiated the projects of reforestation with funds allocated to us by St. Rita Catholic Church in Dallas, Texas with the hope that USAID Mira will decide to continue supporting our efforts.


For the latrine construction project that we completed in 2007 we had a financial contribution of approximately $3,155 that was donated by Saint Rita Catholic Church.  For this year we have also received a donation of $1,000 from Saint Rita which will be used for reforestation, the construction of wood-burning ovens and for training seminars.


This year as a result of the signing of an agreement with the World Food Program we received the donation of 16 tons of food which was distributed based on the work that each family performs for the improvement of the environment.


In order to fulfill the TECAS vision, on Saturdays during the 11 o'clock hour we have a program on Radio Sonaguera that we call Ecologists In Action, with the intention of generating consciousness with the local population about improving our environment.



The TECAS foundation participates in the solution of environmental problems through environmental conservation projects such as reforestation, forestation and basic sanitation of hydrographic basins, clean-up campaigns, fire prevention and delimitation of agricultural frontiers.



The TECAS foundation hopes to generate consciousness, interest, change in practices and attitudes in the general population--especially in our department of Colon--in favor of the conservation of natural resources in order to better its conditions and the quality of life.




Engineer - Julio Mejía Sevilla



Priest - Fr. Hermenegildo Ramírez