Julio 1 a 31 de 2018

Villa de Leyva - Palmas de Socorro - Socorro - 


Is pleased to invite practitioners from all different areas of the arts, who are interested in and committed to research, pedagogy and creativity to participate in our XIV International School of BioDharma for the Stage.

This school will take place from July 1 to July 31, 2016 at its headquarters, La MALOCA, with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture in Villa de Leyva-Boyacá-Colombia.
This year’s encounter seeks to offer a convivial space for an experimental encounter, for creative practice and research using the body of the actor as the container to explore the frase “Atmana atmanam vetta” (“Llegarás al conocimiento de ti mismo, por ti mismo”) 
(“You will arrive to the knowledge of yourself through yourself”) Gita

The body of the actor is the body of the magician, in which everything is possible and multiple life forms converge. The Space-Time of creation and the meeting point of the diverse and infinite forms of existence, in the way of Biodharma are experienced to create Consciousness: or the knowledge of oneself by oneself in the company of the group.

El Teatro Itinerante del Sol has arrived to the way of BIODHARMA for the Stage after more than thirty-three years of continuous and deep research, experimentation and creation.

The Biodharma for the Stage, is above all a practice of living together in which the mundane and the sacred come together in order to transcend toward integral creation.

The experience is lived in several parallel ways:

1- The artistic exploration and experimentation in search of creativity through a celebration of Memory or Mnemosyne, the mother of the Nine Muses where all the arts: music, dance, song, the word, the masks, the theatrical image, oral and written literature, visual arts, ancestral wisdom and the modern human and natural sciences join to mold an organic BEING in relationship with our surroundings. ART AND PART of this earth and the cosmos.

2- The encounter with nature as she becomes LA MAESTRA, the TEACHER, as we explore the magic ancestral territory around us. 

3- The sharing of a residence in a creative way: shopping at the local traditional market, the cooking, the cleaning and organizing, the gardening and the caring for the forest so that the experience of living together becomes another TEACHER.
4- The collective practices oriented toward introspection and individual reflection to develop our capacity to LISTEN. We will contemplate our words in council circles, sacred silence, sweet dreams and gentle awakening practices. 

During the month there will be four Biodharmatic encounters with Nature the Teacher by visiting sacred places of the territory where the Maloca is located. To conclude the experience, we will present our aesthetic product to an audience from the community of Villa de Leyva. The encounter will close with a circle of Memories that will later be published in the III REVISTA ANUAL DE LA ESCUELA DE BIODHARMA DEL TEATRO ITINERANTE DEL SOL. This journal will include memories from the Schools of 2014, 2015 and 2016.


If you are interested in participating in this year's School of Biodharma please fill out the forms in our webpage or email Beatriz Camargo at:

Within 5 days of submitting your enrollment forms you will receive a formal letter
 of invitation so you can initiate the process of obtaining travel documents or applying for funding you need in order to attend.

This year costs will be $5´000.000 Colombian pesos for Colombian citizens and U$2.500 dollars for foreigners. This fee covers all classes, lodging and food for the entire month.

We thank you for your interest and invite you to participate in this experience that seeks to strengthen your creativity within a new consciousness.

We also deeply appreciate it if you help us share this invitation.