Tears For Earth

In seeking the text for a new piece of music to be entitled Tears for Earth I have been pointed to Yegor Lanovenko. He has agreed to write the lyrics creating the libretto for the 2nd-5th movements. I've already penned the first movement text. The "Intro" movement is short and is completed. The 1st Movement is now named as Bones of Earth and includes a Chorus of Speakers with the Tenor and instruments. You may view the text for it from the navigation menu. The remaining work is awaiting text to meld with the themes tumbling around in my head. At this update the following are working titles for the movements:
Intro (Text - Hay)
Bones of Earth (1st) (Text - Hay)
Mountains Weeping (2nd) (Text - Lanovenko)
Flowers Flaming (3rd) (Text - Lanovenko)
Oceans Tolling (4th) (Text - Lanovenko)
Life Dying (5th) (Text - Lanovenko)

Tears For Earth is being composed for Tenor Solo, Oboe, Bassoon, Viola, Cello I & II, Contrabass and Timpani. This piece is being create by award winning composer Daniel J Hay. Some of his other music can be seen in print at MagCloud and a few pieces can be heard at SoundCloud.
It is a pleasure to be working with Yegor. Visit Hay & Lanovenko for additional information.

I am embarrassed to say that this project has not yet been completed. Shortly after I started this I had a major fall and injury that blanked out the project. I still work at it from time to time and hope that I will be able to recover the music I hand in mind.