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Musing on a Memory

For R

You swear
That you’ll never forget the way
It felt. That you’ll remember ‘til
The day you die, exactly how
His hand felt as it stroked your hair.

And the taste
Of his lips on yours and the warmth
Of his body. You never do.

You forget. Time
Moves on, memory fades, until
one day all you have left is the
Vague recollection of a man

You once knew.
You remember how much you liked
The feel of his stubble as he
Nuzzled your neck. But when once just
The memory of his touch was
More than enough to send tingles

Down your spine, now
All you can remember is that
He did it - and it was good.

You wonder
If it would still be that good, if
The situation arose, and
It happened one more time. Would it
Still feel the way it did back then?

Would you notice
The difference if it didn’t?
Would it ever live up to the
Memory? That faded withered
Memory. Strange how though you can’t
remember it, you know it was

And nothing can live up to that.