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Man in the Moonlight

Quietly, she pushed back the plate glass window before stepping out onto the moon-drenched balcony. Her bare feet padded silently across the smooth paving stones until she reached the wrought iron railing. The view was one of the most stunning landscapes she had ever seen. The ocean spread out before her, a black mass tipped with diamonds where the waves broke on the rocks. The full moon lit up the garden below, illuminating the stone statues amongst the darkened foliage, and above… Above her the inky black sky glittered with a thousand stars. A cool breeze filtered through the trees, tugging at her gown and tousling her hair. She inhaled deeply, breathing in the scent of the night. For a second she closed her eyes, trying to imprint the scene in her memory. But when she opened her eyes again, she found that once more the beauty of the night still astounded her. She wished there were some way of recording this night, this exact moment, so she could treasure it in all its glory for eternity. Glancing back to the room she had come from, she saw Heath draped across the bed, lost in his own dream world. She only hoped that he was seeing something of equal beauty, wherever it was that he may be. She would love for him to see this, she mused, as she traced one of the constellations across the sky. He was one of the few people she knew who could truly appreciate the rarity and beauty of a moment such as this.
Turning she found Heath standing in the doorway watching her, his blonde hair glinting in the moonlight. She smiled and he came to her, standing just behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist.
“Isn’t the view just breathtaking?” She asked softly, her voice only just audible over the crashing of the diamond tipped tide against the shore.
In response, he lowered his head grazing her neck with his lips. Turning her around to face him, he held her close, his fingers tracing the curve of her jaw then disappearing into her hair. His lips brushed hers, so lightly it was no more than a whisper, then he claimed her mouth fully with his own.

When Heath had first woken to find the bed empty, he’d honestly thought she had left him, until he felt the cool air from the open window rustling the sheets. Silently he’d walked over to the door and looked out, only to be knocked breathless by the sight before him. Jocelyn, wrapped in the flimsiest of gowns stood bathed in moonlight looking up at the stars, her head thrown back in total abandon, her long hair flowing freely down her back, rippling in the breeze. He had never seen anything so beautiful in his entire life, and never loved Jocelyn more than he did at that moment. Needing to hold her, he called her name, hoping she’d hear him over the roar of the ocean. A minute later, she was in his arms where she belonged.


William wandered along the deserted beach, the sea washing over his feet, erasing his footsteps from the wet sand. Looking back along the shore the way he had come, all traces of his path had been swept away by the relentless ocean. It was like he had never been there, never even existed. It might have been easier that way. He couldn’t help the bitter thought from entering his mind anymore than he could help the love that still bloomed in his heart, like an eternal summer flower, that could never die, no matter how cold and icy the cruel winter became. He would have done anything for her, the woman who had captured his heart, despite all the barriers he’d built up around it, but he could never have done enough. He was not the man she wanted, never had been and never could be. He was no hero, no knight in shining armour. He didn’t deserve a princess. Turning his back on the sea, he walked up the beach until he reached the lush gardens that circled the house. The moon cast dappled shadows over the flagstone where he walked, beneath the archway decked in roses. And in the darkest of corners he could just pick out the light marble of the cherubs that gave that passage its romantic air. How he’d longed to walk down this path, his fingers entwined with hers, to pause amongst the flowers and touch her lips with his own.

Coming to the end of the path, William found himself bathed in moonlight, and for a moment he stood, looking up at the night sky, at the millions of stars that glittered above him. And it was then that he was her, standing on the balcony, bathed in moonlight looking up at the stars. Her head was thrown back in an abandonment so unlike her usual shy reserve, and her long dark hair flowed freely down her black, blowing in the breeze. He had never seen her look so beautiful. Not when she was dressed in her most elegant of gowns, when her hair was perfectly secured in the most elaborate of designs, or even when the sparkling diamonds that adorned her neck were such that could rival the beauty of any other treasure in the whole of the world. As he watched, William saw him coming up behind her, taking her in his arms and kissing her, the prince he would never be.


When Heath finally pulled away from her, Jocelyn couldn’t help but turn back to look out over the ocean. Leaning back against his chest, she let Heath hold her, keeping her warm despite the slight chill in the night air. It was only then that she saw him, half hidden by the shadows of the garden, watching her. For a second their eyes locked, then he was gone, swallowed up by the darkness of the rose covered archway, that she’d always found so romantic. Suddenly cold, she pulled away from Heath, and tugging her robe more tightly around her, she went back inside.

Later that night, as she lay in Heath’s arms, she reflected back on the moment she’d seen the figure in the garden. She’d been too far away to see him with any amount of clarity, but something in his eyes had cut right through to her soul. Maybe that’s what had caused the icy chill to sweep through her. Unconsciously, she moved closer to Heath, needing to feel his warm body pressed against hers. In his sleep, he draped an arm over her waist, and she drew comfort from the gesture, but even lying beside Heath couldn’t totally erase those eyes from her mind. She’d seen them before, she was sure of it, but she had no way of knowing where. She knew if she told anyone they would thing she was insane, after all, she was beginning to wonder if maybe she was going a little crazy. She hadn’t been able to see him clearly enough to recognize him if she saw him again, yet if she just caught his gaze once more, she was sure she’d know him instantly. And there was something about the way he had looked at her. He knew her, she was sure of it, but did she know him? And how was she ever going to find out?

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