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1. Real Love

I toss and turn as the hot balmy night ticks slowly by, second by second. I don’t want to fall asleep, yet I don’t want to be awake. I know if I fall asleep then I’ll dream. The same dream I have every night. The one about Chris. It’s the most brilliant dream in the world, until I wake up and harsh cold reality reminds me that Chris is with Lara, my best friend.

The first time I ever met Chris, I was dating this guy, Matt Wallace. He was the perfect guy, friendly, clever, funny and gorgeous. He was tall, strong and had glossy, dark, hair and big green eyes. I thought we would be together forever, but that was until Chris arrived. The first time I saw Chris it was love at first sight. He was walking down the hall towards me and as he came closer I realised he was gorgeous. His hair was so dark it was almost black, yet he had the most amazing blue eyes I had ever seen. He was tall and muscular and he looked stunning in simple jeans and a t-shirt. All I could do was stare. I’d never been any good around guys, especially ones as good looking as Chris. By the time I’d thought up something to say he was gone.

After that I tried to find out as much as possible about him. There wasn’t a single girl in the school who wasn’t talking about this mysterious new guy in year 13, yet no one seemed to know anything about him. Within a week, all I knew was that he had moved to London from Brighton and he was called Chris Capsela. The worst thing was not talking about him. My best friend, Lara Owen and I have been friends for years. We share everything, but this was different. How could I tell her that I’d fallen in love with Chris when I knew next to nothing about him? Not only that, but I was going out with Matt. I knew I was lucky to have him. Out of all the girls in the year he chose me when he could have easily had anyone else. Now all I wanted was Chris.

After Chris arrived at our school, things changed between Matt and I. I don’t think he even noticed it at first but it was there and I knew it would come to light eventually. Lying back in my bed, my mind drifts back to the events of that one evening that changed my life…

Lara and I are getting ready to go to Grace Turner’s house for her 17th birthday party. Grace is a good friend of ours from way back. She always has brilliant parties. She lives in a huge house and at every opportunity she invites everyone she knows for a night of dancing and drinking. Lara and I always get ready together. It’s become a sort of tradition.

When we arrive, the party is already in full swing. As we come up the drive Grace waves at us from where she is sitting with her friend Tim and all his friends from the football team. We wave back and then continue up the drive towards the house. The front door is propped open with a brick so we walk straight in. I quickly scan the room and my heart stops when I see Chris standing by the hi-fi looking through Grace’s amazing collection of CDs with Ben, Lara’s older brother and Grace’s boyfriend. I can barely tear my eyes away from Chris. If I thought he looked stunning in jeans and a t-shirt, he looks out of this world in his black trousers and ultra-marine shirt open to reveal a tight six-pack. Then I feel an arm slide around my shoulders. I look up to see Matt grinning at me. I kiss him briefly on the lips, chiding myself for almost getting caught, staring at another guy. Then sliding his other arm around Lara, he guides us over to the drinks table. Opening three bottles of Bacardi Breezer, Matt hands one to each of us and drinks from the other one. We stand by the table discussing the latest adventures of Kathy Davidson, the biggest player in school, and her on/off boyfriend, Alex Blackwell. The latest update is that they’re back on. As we are talking, Tracey Longwood, resident gossip queen, bounds over, obviously dying to spread some extra juicy gossip.
“Guess who I just saw kissing Nikki Samson in the kitchen?” she asks. Not waiting for an answer she says triumphantly, “Alex Blackwell!”
Suddenly we hear a loud shout come from the kitchen, followed by a lot of swearing.
“And guess who else just saw Alex and Nikki in the kitchen,” I say dryly as Alex runs through the house followed by a screaming Kathy.

As the party continues I try my hardest to keep my attention focused on Matt, but my thoughts keep drifting back to Chris. Matt, realising I’m distracted but having no idea why, finally gives up trying to hold a conversation with me and suggests dancing. I agree and taking his hand, I follow him to the floodlit patio where everyone is dancing. As we dance, I continue to search the crowd for Chris, but the only person I can see is Lara dancing with Tim Richards, captain of the football team. After a few fast numbers, the music slows and I find myself being pulled into Matt’s arms for a slow dance. As we dance, he holds me close, whispering how much he loves me in my ear. I feel so guilty for acting the way I am but I can’t help it. In the last few weeks it’s become almost like a reflex action to search for Chris wherever I go. Unable to stop myself I look around in vain hoping for just one glimpse of him through the crowd. Then I almost gasp aloud as through the many slow dancing couples, I see Chris with his arms wrapped tightly around Lara. Then as I watch, he leans over and whispers something in her ear and they sneak off into the darkness. My eyes begin to fill and the reality of the situation sets in. I pull away from Matt slightly. Despite my feelings for Chris, I care deeply for Matt, after all, he was my first love, but I don’t know what to say. I don’t want to loose him but I can’t keep on doing this to him.
“We need to talk...” I’m jerked out of my reverie by Matt’s voice.
I look at him, his face a mask with only his eyes betraying how he feels inside. I know what he’s going to say without him needing to say it.
We walk away from the dance floor and go around the side of the house. When we’re out of earshot from the rest of the party he stops and looks at me. I look deep into his eyes, knowing it will be the last time.
“Amber, it’s over…” he says trying to stop his voice from shaking.
“Matt,” I whisper, tears streaming down my face as he walks back around the corner and straight into Chris and a very drunk and giggling Lara.
“Amber!” she yells throwing her arms around my neck not noticing my tears. “This is Chris.” She gestures at Chris standing behind her. I nod slightly in Chris’s direction but avoid looking into his gorgeous blue eyes. “What have you two been up to hiding around the corner?” she jokingly shakes her finger at us “Naughty, naughty!”

A moment later I look over to where Matt had been standing but he’s already gone. Not wanting to hang around watching Lara and Chris I wander off in the direction of the expansive gardens owned by Grace’s father. As the tears roll down my face, thoughts of Matt, Chris and Lara whirl around my head. After a while I look at my watch and realise its almost one in the morning so I turn and head back to the party. Standing in the shadow by the dance floor, I see Matt watching all the couples slow dancing just as we had been half an hour earlier. Hearing a sound behind him, Matt turns and seeing me his face clouds over.
“Matt,” I stammer
“I’m sorry Amber, but I’ve seen the way you look at…him.” He says, his face expressionless
“What?” I whisper.
“Chris. Don’t worry about it, you’re free now,” he says sadly. I hadn’t realised he could see through me that clearly. “Goodbye Amber,” he says walking away. Typical Matt, never complaining, never getting angry. In some ways I wish he’d reacted the same way Kathy did, screaming and yelling. Now I just feel even worse that I’ve hurt someone I care deeply for, for what? My best friend’s boyfriend. Deep down, though, I know it’s for the best, breaking it off now. Matt will get over it soon and now, the only person I’m hurting is myself.

I wander around, weaving through the different groups of people lounging around by the dance floor. The party is winding down as I search for Lara through the crowd. Finally I spot her and begin to make my way over to where she’s sitting. Then I stop dead. Sitting beside her is Chris and as I watch, he leans over and kisses her. I turn and run tears pouring down my face. Finally I collapse onto the grass, sobbing my heart out. A few minutes later I pull myself together enough to think rationally. I’m devastated because my best friend is kissing someone I’ve never even spoken to. I even broke up with my boyfriend because of it. I have to get over it. I sit for a while, drying my eyes and calming myself down. Then I get up slowly and head back to the party. When I get back there are only a few people still there. Chris is not one of them. Lara comes running towards me and I force myself to smile.
“Where have you been?” she asks, grabbing my arm and pulling me towards the house. “You will never guess who asked me out… Chris!”
As she continues to give me a graphic description of the night’s events we walk back to her house where I’m staying the night. I walk as if in a daze. I can’t believe I’m so deeply affected by someone I don’t even know.

When we arrive back at her house she is still raving about how wonderful Chris is. With every word she says, I feel my heart breaking into a million little pieces. She’s so exited she doesn’t notice how down I am until we lie down to go to sleep and I still haven’t said a single word to her.
“Are you alright?” she asks concerned.
“Matt and I split up.” I say quietly avoiding her gaze.
“Oh my G-d” she cries “When? How? Why? Why didn’t you tell me?”
“At the party, it just wasn’t working.” I mutter trying not to cry. I really miss him.
“Oh, Amber!” Lara hugs me, “It’ll be alright.”
Eventually Lara falls asleep but I can’t stop my mind thinking about the night’s events. No matter what I do I know I’m in love with Chris. Even with Matt, I’ve never felt so strongly about anyone before. Finally I drift into a fitful sleep waking up every hour or two. Finally at nine I tell Lara I’ve got a load of work to do and head home.

As I walk I look up at the trees with only half of their golden brown leaves. The pavement is covered by slippery wet leaves and I have to walk slowly so as not to fall over. For England in early November, the weather is quite warm but the wind blowing the leaves off the trees is like ice. I pull my coat tighter around me and hug myself in an attempt to keep warm. If only I had someone to keep me warm, but it’s my own fault that I don’t. If I hadn’t gone and fallen for Chris, I’d still be happy. I’d still have Matt.

Now only a month later I toss and turn trying to stop myself from dreaming. I’ve been having the same dream for weeks now. The one where Chris declares his undying love for me, where Lara and him had never dated, where I had never hurt Matt, where everything always turned out alright. It’s an amazing dream until it ends and I’m thrown back into reality. The reality where I did hurt Matt and where Chris is with Lara. Every morning, I wake up in tears. I can’t face going to school and I barely go out anymore. Everyone thinks it’s because of my break-up with Matt. Matt hasn’t spoken to me since that night.

Finally, with the long awaited Christmas holiday just around the corner, everyone at school seems a lot happier. Everyone, that is, except me. As we all say goodbye to each other my heart leaps as I see Chris coming towards me.
“Hi Amber,” he says in his deep, sexy voice that always makes me melt.
“Hi,” I say trying to slow my pounding heart.
“I know it’s really last minute but do you want to come to my parents chalet in the Alps with Lara, me and Ben?”
I’m about to make an excuse when Lara joins us.
“Of course she wants to come, don’t you Amber. It’ll just be the four of us, with no parents and loads to drink. Besides, you could do with some cheering up!”
“I’ll have to ask my mum.” I say before saying goodbye to all my friends and walking home.

At home I ask my mum and for the first time in her life she agrees to let me go. Even on such short notice with no chaperonage because she’s worried about how much time I’ve been spending locked in my bedroom, besides, she knows Ben and thinks he’s a responsible person despite him only being one year older than me. Reluctantly, I call an over excited Lara and tell her I can come. She gives me the details and then I go upstairs to pack. I fill my case with warm clothes but with my last flicker of hope, at the bottom of my case I put my new silk dress. I have no idea why I bought it, but it had seemed like a good idea at the time. The dress is ankle-length, black silk, with ribbon straps and a slit up to mid thigh. I also take my black strappy sandals and silk shawl for warmth in case I do need the dress.

I wake up early after yet another bad night’s sleep and totally depressed I take out my nice outfit, laying it across the bed, knowing I won’t need it. I put it back again however, when I think of Chris seeing me in it. Just once. An hour later I hear Chris’s car pull up outside. Taking a deep breath I say one last prayer that I can survive this weekend without loosing anyone else. The bell rings and Lara bounds in as I open the door.
“Hiya! I’m sooooooo excited!”
“Me too.” I lie trying just as hard to convince myself as I am trying to convince her. We go out to the car. I throw my bag into the boot and join Ben on the backseat. The radio is on and as we drive we sing along to the tacky Christmas songs playing on the radio. As the hours pass I begin to relax. I’m getting on great with Ben who I’ve barely spoken to for weeks and I start thinking that maybe the holiday won’t be so bad after all.

When we reach the ferry taking us to France we park and get out to explore the boat. We go up to our cabins to see where we’ll be sleeping and I find I’ll be staying with Ben, as Lara and Chris want some time alone. Lara and Chris disappear into their cabin and thinking no one is looking as I go into my cabin, I allow the tears to fall. I’m so lost in my own private world I don’t hear Ben come into the cabin behind me. I rifle through my bag and pull out a crumpled picture of Chris. As the door shuts behind Ben I jump, trying to hide the picture, but he’s too quick. He sees the picture as I slide it back into my bag.

Ben sits down beside me and puts his arm around my quivering shoulders. I bury my head in his shoulder and cry. Finally I look up. Until that moment, I never realised how good-looking Ben really is. He isn’t stunning like Matt or Chris but he has nice dark hair, just long enough to run your fingers through and amazing blue/grey eyes. He has a nice smile as well, I think to myself as he smiles comfortingly down at me.
“So it wasn’t breaking up with Matt that upset you so much,” he says gently. “It was my sister going out with Chris.” I nod and the whole story comes pouring out. How I’d fallen for him, why Matt had dumped me and why I’d been so against coming on the holiday. When I’m finished Ben hugs me.
“How about we go get something to eat?” He asks gently. I agree and I wash my face before following him up to the restaurant. Neither of us is very hungry, so we share a sandwich before taking our paper cups of hot chocolate up onto the deck. It’s cold out so the deck is deserted but the wind has driven away the clouds and without the lights of the city, the stars glittering overhead are clearly visible. Looking up, Ben points out a few of the different constellations. The view is magnificent. Above us millions of stars are shining down on us, there is nothing for miles around but water and the ships lights are reflected by the water creating a sort of halo around the ship. It all seems so romantic, if only I had Chris to share it with. As if reading my mind, Ben squeezes my hand, which is resting on the railing and whispers,
“Don’t think about him.”
I smile up at him, his face lit up in the moonlight.
“You look gorgeous!” I say without thinking, then blushing I look down relieved he can’t see how red I’ve gone.
“You don’t have to sound so surprised,” he says laughing softly. His laugh is really sexy, I find myself thinking. Then I shiver and he pulls me close to keep me warm.
“Maybe we should go inside,” he says and I nod gratefully.

As Ben unlocks the door to our cabin, Lara and Chris emerge laughing at some private joke. Seeing the look on my face, Ben squeezes my hand and opens the door. I wave quickly at Lara and then duck under Ben’s arm into the cabin. Ben stays in the doorway talking for a moment and then comes in and closes the door. He comes up behind me as I stand looking out over the water. I turn, my eyes streaming with tears and he hugs me.
“Why do I have to feel like this?” I ask through my sobs and he just strokes my hair until I finally run out of tears.
“I’m sorry,” I choke, “I shouldn’t dump all this on you.”
“Don’t worry about it. Just get some sleep.” He says softly kissing me lightly on the head.
I go into the bathroom and change. When I come out, Ben goes in and I get into bed. By the time he comes out I’m fast asleep.

I’m woken up in the middle of my usual dream and as I open my eyes I see a guy standing over me.
“Chris?” I ask, still in my dream.
“Nope, Ben, sorry.”
I open my eyes fully and blush, “Oh,” I say guiltily.
“Come on,” says Ben gently, “You’ll feel better when you get up. We’re arriving in France in half an hour.”
I get up and get changed then Ben and I go and meet Lara and Chris by the car. We get in and as the car drives off the ferry the early morning sunlight streams into the car. We continue across the country stopping every few hours to stretch our legs. Ben and Chris take it in turns to drive. When Ben is driving I sit in the front with him while Lara and Chris curl up together on the backseat. Every so often I see them reflected in the mirror and it kills me. Ben shoots me comforting looks every once in a while but I can’t help feeling miserable. Finally we pull into the drive of a motel just south of Paris. We order two rooms and again I agree to share with Ben. We’re all shattered from a day on the road and go straight to bed.

In the morning I wake from yet another dream about Chris and so as not to disturb Ben, I dress and go for a walk in the crisp morning air. When I return half an hour later, the other three are eating breakfast in the small dining room. I join them and before long, we’re ready to go. Piling back in the car, we drive off. I spend the first hour asleep in the back on Ben’s shoulder and the rest listening to the radio. Avoiding looking at Chris and Lara.

Finally, we arrive at the chalet and dump our stuff inside. There are two double bedrooms and the master bedroom. Lara and Chris take the master room and Ben and I have separate rooms for a change. When we’re settled, we all go into the lounge and sit by the fire, which Ben had lit as soon as we’d arrived. After half an hour, Chris goes to bed and is followed by Lara five minutes later. Left alone with Ben I notice how good his hair looks in the firelight. Sensing someone watching him, he looks up and our eyes meet. As we gaze into each other’s eyes a thought occurs to me.
“I thought you were going out with Grace.” I say softly.
“We broke up,” he says, his eyes shining, “For the same reason you and Matt broke up. She realised there was someone else I wanted.”
“Who?” I ask realising I already know the answer.
“You.” He whispers.
Time seems to stand still. I don’t know what to say, or how to react. We sit holding each other’s gaze, but as I open my mouth to speak, Ben gets up and leaves. I stand to follow him but I’m too late as I see him disappear into his room and lock the door. Slowly, I walk down the hall to my room and collapsing onto my bed I fall into a dreamless sleep.

In the morning, I’m woken up by Lara. I get up and then Chris drives us into the town, a few miles from the chalet. We spend the morning shopping and have lunch in a little café overlooking the ski slopes where Chris and Ben have no doubt gone to ski. Lara and I having never been skiing before have decided not to try it until we are so bored we don’t have a choice in order to get over our fear. When Chris picks us up late in the afternoon, I am disappointed to see that Ben isn’t with him. Overnight I’ve lost yet another person I care about, Ben. Since he admitted that he likes me I haven’t seen him once. For dinner, Chris and Lara go off to one of the restaurants in the town, Ben apparently went to some pub so I decide to stay in and raid the food supplies we bought earlier. As I sit alone in front of the fire drinking hot chocolate listening to love songs on the hi-fi, I think back on all the time I’ve spent with Ben in the last few weeks. Overall, not much, but I had noticed that he often came and watched TV with Lara and I when I was at her house. Finally at about ten I go to bed. After a while I hear Lara and Chris come in but not Ben. Eventually I fall asleep at about twelve, still waiting for Ben.

The next day I wake up to find Ben had not come home at all. I hide my misery, realising I’ve lost a good friend in him. There’s nothing to do so reluctantly Lara and I agree to go for some skiing lessons. I’m much better at skiing than I’d expected and by mid afternoon when the runs close I’ve already mastered the beginner slope.

When we all arrive home after a hard day of skiing, Chris announces that he is treating us all to dinner at the Majestic Hotel, a posh hotel halfway up the mountain. I’m pleased to know that Ben is coming, but as I think about it I realise he is still going to ignore me. Both the guys have suits and Lara has a choice of about five different dresses. Lara guiltily admits that they had planned to go to the hotel before they arrived and she had a lot of dresses so I could borrow one. I surprise everyone by admitting I have a dress which I brought just in case. We all go to our rooms and get ready. I take out my dress and think back to when I packed it, wanting to show it off to Chris, now I’ve got my chance but it doesn’t seem to matter anymore. I slide the dress over my head and slip into my sandals. I style my hair and do my make up. Then I pull my shawl over my shoulders and take a deep breath. When I walk into the living room Ben is standing by the window looking out at the starlit sky and Lara and Chris are standing by the fireplace talking. As I enter the room Lara and Chris look up. Lara is wearing a strapless deep red velvet dress and the guys are wearing black suits and bow ties.
“Wow…” Chris exclaims and my heart melts, he likes it.

Hearing Chris’s cry Ben turns to see what the fuss is about, then stops dead,
“You look…” he says at loss for words, “…absolutely stunning,” he whispers forgetting for a moment that he’s supposed to be ignoring me. I blush, my heart pounding,
“Thanks,” I whisper, smiling slightly. On the outside I’m calm and collected. On the inside I don’t know what to think. Ben walks across the room and stops in front of me. My heart leaps as he runs a hand over my bare shoulder. I tilt my head back to look at him. For a moment I feel as if he is going to kiss me. Then the moment passes and he walks past me out of the door. My breath catches in my throat as I try and prevent the tears from cascading down my face. Chris and Lara smile sympathetically at me and then follow Ben out to the car. Breathing deeply, I touch my shoulder, where Ben had touched me. I feel so confused. Then, turning out the lights I follow the others out to the car.

In the car I sit in the front with Ben who doesn’t say two words to me. We finally arrive and go into the hotel. The lobby is huge, with marble floors and a high ceiling propped up with huge marble pillars. We walk into the dining room and sit down at the table Chris had reserved for us in advance. The room is lit with a large crystal chandelier in the centre and each table has a white candle, flickering in the centre. We order our first course and a bottle of wine. The food is gorgeous and the music provided by the live band is fantastic.

Although Lara and Chris try their best to make the evening fun, I spend most of the evening praying that Ben will drop his icy exterior and talk to me again. Now I need him more than ever. I can’t get through the rest of the holiday watching Chris and Lara alone. When we’ve finished eating Lara and Chris go off to slow dance on the dance floor and Ben and I are left at the table, enveloped by an uncomfortable silence. After a few songs Lara and Chris come back and Chris tries to convince me to dance with him. Knowing it’s a bad idea, yet desperately wanting to feel Chris’s arms wrapped around me, I agree. As Chris leads me to the dance floor, however, I catch a look of pure hatred in Ben’s eyes. Lara and Chris are blissfully unaware of how I feel for Chris, and why Ben is so angry with me because of it. As I sway to the music wrapped in Chris’s arms I allow myself to get carried away in a dream that we’re together. Then the song ends and we go back to the table. Predictably, I feel even worse than before. Now I’ve tasted the forbidden fruit and I want more. As well as that, Ben is even angrier than he was before.

We don’t leave the hotel until late and we drive back in total silence. Though they have no idea why Ben is so angry, they realise that he needs to be left alone to give him some time to cool down. As soon as we arrive back at the chalet, Ben goes to bed and Lara and Chris disappear into their bedroom. Slowly I sink down onto the couch and cry. If only I had Ben to talk to. I want Chris so bad it’s killing me and all I want is a friend to talk it over with.

The following day we all stick to ourselves, as the weather is too bad for skiing. For dinner we all decide to go to the local pub. Ben comes with us again but he totally ignores me. When we arrive at the pub, he disappears off with some leggy blond. Horrified I realise that she was probably the reason he didn’t come home that first night. Suddenly, I realise how stupid I’ve been. What I felt for Chris was just a stupid crush. A rehearsal for what was to come, for what was real, but now it’s too late. I’ve lost Ben forever. I decide to drown my sorrows in drink and go up to the bar and order a double Malibu and orange. I sit with Lara and Chris and listen to the karaoke competition. After my third drink, I’m feeling quite tipsy so it doesn’t take Lara long to convince me to sing.

When it’s my turn I get up on the stage and noticing that Ben is nowhere to be seen I chose ‘How Do I Live’. I start to sing and slowly everyone in the pub stops talking to listen to me pouring my heart out. As the song ends to thunderous applause, all I see is Ben, sitting near the back, alone, his eyes glistening with unshed tears. As I look at him, time stands still and the drunken cheering fades into the darkness. All I can hear is my heart pounding and all I can see is Ben. I push my way off the stage and through the crowd. Seeing my tearstained face, Lara worriedly gets to her feet trying to push her way through the crowd but I only have eyes for Ben. Finally I reach him. For a moment we stand facing each other, then I’m in his arms and kissing him passionately, with all the built up emotion of the past months.

As we pull apart, the crowd are still cheering for an encore.
“I love you, Amber.” Ben says gently.
Gazing into Ben’s eyes I whisper softly “I love you too, Ben. I’m sorry it took so long for me to figure it out.”
“Are you going to sing something else? Your fans are waiting,” He says smiling.
I glance around and then turning back to him I grin devilishly,
“What about a duet?” I ask innocently,
“No way!” He laughs, shaking his head.
“Come on,” I plead, “ I know you can sing, you’ve got no excuse!”
Pulling him through the crowd I bound back on the stage taking him with me. I chose ‘You’re the one that I want’ and despite his protest, Ben sings his parts brilliantly. By the end, the whole pub is on its feet dancing. At the end, they announce the winner of the karaoke competition.
The barman gets on the stage and everyone cheers.
“Thank you for coming and now… the joint winners of the karaoke competition are Amber and Ben from England! Congratulations! The two of you have won a bottle of champagne on the house! So what about a repeat performance?”
Ben and I climb back onto the stage. The music starts and we sing with so much passion for each other, despite the liveliness of the song, the entire audience is in tears by the time the song ends. We bow and then Ben grabs my arm and pulling me towards him, kisses me, right there, in front of the whole pub. Then we go and claim our bottle of champagne.

Finally at about midnight we all collapse onto the sofas in the lounge, having finished our bottle before leaving the pub. Lara and Chris disappear after a minute, tactfully trying to give us some space. Ben and I sit by the fire, talking until the early hours of the morning. Then, we head off to bed. In my room, I put on my short satin nightdress and then slip out of my room and down the corridor to Ben’s room. I knock hesitantly.
“Come in,” I here his voice from within the room. I push open the door and gasp. As I enter the room, Ben turns to face me, wearing only a pair of boxers and an open shirt. I’ve never seen him with a fully open shirt before and I don’t expect to see such a tanned, tight six-pack.
“Hey, sexy.” He grins as I close the door behind me. I blush, unable to tear my eyes away from his half naked body. Finally, I look into his eyes and he smiles, then goes back to folding his clothes into their draws.
“I thought you might be lonely,” I say softly. Surprised, he looks up, then he smiles, that gorgeous smile which I’d noticed on the ferry only a few days ago, which now seems like a lifetime ago.
“Oh Amber,” He murmurs stroking my hair as I fall into his arms “I won’t try anything, I promise.”
“I trust you,” I whisper as his lips touch mine.

Slowly, his arms slide around my waist. Then, kissing my bare shoulder he works his way slowly up my neck until he reaches my mouth. I kiss him back passionately. When we break to get some air he leans over my shoulder and turns on some romantic music. As we sway to the music, he strokes my hair, whispering sweet nothings in my ear. Softly he tilts my head back and kisses me tenderly. As we kiss I slide my hand under his shirt, resting it on his stomach and pulling away slightly, he looks down at me. Gently, he strokes my face and I kiss him softly. Eventually, I have to leave and I go back to my room, to bed. I fall asleep almost immediately and have an amazing dream, but this time, it’s about Ben and when I wake up I realise that the dream for once was not a glorified day dream, but reality...

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