This site is designed to showcase the romantic fiction I have been writing for the better past of the last decade. I do not pretend to be a fantastic author, but I have received enough encouragement over the years to feel that this website is worth maintaining. As a result I have recently moved the site across to Google from Yahoo Geocities where it was previously titled 'Forever Love Stories'.

Updates, as ever, will be few and far between (though for those of you interested in Harry Potter (mostly) slash-fiction, there is likely to be a somewhat more regular flow of work). However, there will be new material posted here from time to time.

Please note that some of the work on this site
contains mature themes and is not suitable for younger readers. All of these contain warnings and are marked with an asterisk (*) after the title.

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Tears Cry No More - A note on a name

For those who are interested, the name of this site come from a book by Alex Shearer titled 'The Crush' (1998, Hodder Children's Books, ISBN: 0340882077

I read the book as a child, yet it stayed with me for many years until I eventually tracked it down again. Though it’s a children's book, I highly recommend it. Especially to those who have ever ‘loved’ a celebrity.

'The Crush' tells the story of a girl (Ally Morgan) in love with the lead singer of a boyband. Ally just knows that once he meets her, he'll love her too, but of course life isn't like that, as she eventually realises. It's a heart-warming story nonetheless.

'Tears cry no more' is a ballad by the band that comes to mean something a little extra special to Ally. For some reason it really stuck with me over the years, eventually becoming the name of my new look site.


"Now I’m alone

Alone at your door

Answer my prayer

Tears cry no more."

- Shearer (1998, pg 109)

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