DAB Glassworks currently produces 2 Ultralight Fiberglass Camper models:

              The Teardrop 480-
            compact yet spacious

The Teardrop 480 turns heads everywhere it goes.  Its smooth lines and extra wide body give the 480 model more room than most other campers and the solid fiberglass body makes it also one of the lightest.  The 480 base model is sale priced at 3995.00 with couch and cabinets in the cabin and a large bed on the floor.  Upgrades are available at incredible discount prices as well.  Check it out at left!

 Both versions offer many bennefits and can be towed easily with virtually any automobile.  With a variety of design options, you should be able to find just the right SWEEEEEET combination to cruise in style and comfort, affordably.  Every Teardrop shares features with others in its shapely family,  but all our campers are truly one of a kind. 
We offer products from the basic shell without any openings, to completely turn key, hook it up and tow it away packages, finished or not to any level of completion that your skill level and budget define.  We are also available to offer advice, happily and free of charge, at any time you may need it, to insure your success if completing your camper on your own.

The Modified Teardrop 720
with full standing headroom in main cabin

The modified teardrop 720 has been extended upwards to give the cabin 72" of height.  The 720 is the largest teardrop camper we know of and it is still one of the lightest in its class.  Thanks to the extra headroom, the 720 offers bathroom and interior galley options.  At only 6' x 8', she's the smallest camper we have ever seen that boasts a full galley and a toliet room with shower.  The bathroom ceiling is 64" high so taller folks might have to sit to shower.  
Click on the price list at left to see a full list of options and prices, and then design the camper that fits your needs.  
The Base price of the 720 model,  without kitchen or bath, is only $4,995.00!  See the base model specifications at left.  You can also click on the price list at left to see a full list of options and prices, and then design the camper of your dreams.  

 DAB Glassworks has been in business in Florida for over 13 years.  We have over 35 years of experience building homes, boats, and campers and are dedicated to quality fiberglass contstruction and craftsmanship,  and we always aim to please.                                                                                          
                                                                                  IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, WE
           (campers are fully customizable)

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