Amy Hale, Founder, of Maine Patriots.com

Educate! Motivate! Activate! is the motto of Maine Patriots. Maine Patriots was founded in March, 2009 in response to the ever expanding socialist policies of our federal and state governments. Amy started Maine Patriots as a tea party organization that emphasizes education. She says, “Education is the most important endeavor that Maine Patriots undertakes. The goal of  Maine Patriots is to educate people about our history and the political process, motivate them to get involved in the process and show them how to become active in standing up for their rights and liberties. Maine Patriots encourages people to understand they can make a difference.”

There are 12 local chapters of Maine Patriots throughout the state of Maine. All members of Maine Patriots are encouraged to become active in their local group or to start a new one if there is not one convenient to them. The local chapters meet on a regular basis. They are involved in educating, motivating and activating their own members and they reach out locally to demonstrate to others in their own community that they can make changes to the current political climate.