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Welcome to the 2012 Team Will Cards for Kids program,
and thank you for helping!

In 2008, zero cards. In 2010, 4,000 cards.
This year's goal: 20,000 cards! (by the end of April)

Thank you for volunteering to make cards for the Cards for Kids Program. The program enables children to make cards for children with cancer. The Team Will cycling team ( will distribute them while we are visiting hospitals during our cross-country ride: June 24th-July 3rd 2012. With your help, we will deliver THOUSANDS of cards to our Team Will Heroes in hospitals across the country while we ride in June and July to raise money for childhood cancer.

Start Here:
Quick Reference Guide for making cards (for teachers): Quick Start Guide for Teachers
5x7 mailer for getting the word out: Cards for Kids Flyer

It is important that children use ONLY their FIRST name on the cards.
Cards should be made using 9 x 12 (or smaller) cardstock or construction papers, folded in half or thirds. Post card size is great too. The key phrase is "You are my hero."  That should be the key message of each card. 

If you would like some age-appropriate resources on talking about cancer, check here: Resources for talking to children about cancer.

Three steps to make a difference in the lives of our Heros:
1) Tell other teachers how great it is...
2) Make the cards
3) Send the cards to Cards for Kids


1) Tell other teachers how great it is...
            The social network is the ONLY way that we can hit our goals.
            Please send an email to to let us know that you are making cards with an approximate count.
            "Like" both Team Will and Cards for Kids - Team Will on Facebook.

2) Make the cards:

There are 3 methods that our teachers have found successful:

Method #1:
A template is available to print stickers here (MS Word): Cards for Kids Stickers (on Avery 8163 or 5163 labels available at any major office supply store) if you are going to be making more than a few cards or your students / children are too young to write. There are three stickers: one with "You are smy hero", one with the Team Will and Foundation for Children with Cancer logos and one that has a location for first name and school. 

A second PDF template option (thanks Erin) is available for Avery 5164 or 8164 labels here: Cards for Kids Stickers #2

Method #2:
You can also use this template and the following instructions (thanks Becky).
 If you were mildly frozen on “create your own cards” like I was…. Use this template. Take a regular sheet of construction paper, fold twice, use pattern scissors to cut these out, paste one inside, then have your kids sign (first name) and decorate front with stickers and glitter. Boo-yah, done. (update the template for your location)

Method #3:
Just make some cards :) Blank sheet of paper.

3) Send the cards to Cards for Kids:
        Please send the cards to:
If you would like a pre-paid mailing label for use with postal service boxes and envelopes, 
please contact Marcus Grindstaff at You can fit a LOT of cards in one of these!

Other notes:

Talking to kids about cancer is important, but can be difficult. Here are some excellent cancer related resources for parents, teachers and kids of varying ages: Resources - Talking about cancer.

Finances: We do not want finances to be a barrier to completing cards. If you need assistance for your class with either construction paper or shipping, please contact Marcus Grindstaff at twcardsforkids@gmail.comMany thanks to Ameritechnology Group for sponsoring this effort in 2010: We are looking for sponsors for 2012!

Messages: The primary message on the cards should be "You are my Hero!". Other messages are OK as well, but please be very sensitive. The cards are going to children with cancer (and possibly children with other diseases). While they are genuine thoughts of the children writing them, messages like "get well soon" and "hope you get out of the hospital" can be challenging, as for some kids, unfortunately they realize that may not be likely. Also - we will visit (and distribute cards to) children with diseases other than cancer. Some examples are below. But - don't worry, we will review all of the cards.

Good Messages
You are my hero
Stay strong
I like books, do you?
I like math, do you?
Messages to Avoid
Get well soon
Hope you get out of the hospital
Beat that cancer                   
I like to ride my bike

The kids can decorate the cards however they like, with drawings, other stickers, glitter, construction paper, etc. We encourage you to get creative and have a great time!


Below is more information on Team Will and the Foundation for Children with Cancer that you can share with your group.Team Will started with a group of cyclists in Sacramento in 2005, who came together with their community after one of their friends lost their son to cancer. The group was named after their original hero, Will Kiefer. Team Will has ridden across the country three times, in 2006, 2008 and 2010, to raise funds and awareness for childhood cancer. Along the way, the riders stop at hospitals to visit kids, our heroes, who are fighting cancer. This year’s ride is from June 24th-July 3rd and this time. This will be the second time the teams will bring cards to take to the hospitals for our heroes to let them know we are thinking about them and wishing them well.

We really appreciate your assistance. It will be a lasting reminder for the children we are visiting, as well as a great experience for the children making the cards.

Check out the SLIDESHOW! These are our cards from 2010!

You can see the photos here too:


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