The Career Goal in Wang’s Lab:


We are an energetic research team with young research scientists from different background and work together in the development of novel and functionalized smart biomaterials in the applications in tissue engineering and drug delivery fields. The research topics covered in this lab are within the cutting-edge research area with significant novelty and practical applications either in clinics or in industry.


Our vision is to realize the dream that our developed biomaterials or the creating technology and devices can be applied in clinical patients to relieve their suffering, improve their living quality, and even to save their lives.


We are a highly competitive research team. The graduate students will learn within an exciting landscape of diverse research opportunities. They will also study how to effectively address important biomedical problems combining engineering principles and perspective with the knowledge and tools of molecular life sciences. The graduates from our Lab can explore their opportunities to work for careers in basic and applied science, both in academia and industry.   


Welcome to join us in this emerging discipline of biomedical materials and biological engineering!