tOBOR (Ant) Retired


Drive: 4 wheels chain driven for 4 wheel drive by 2 COPAL 60:1 gearmotors

Battery: Kokam 7.4V 1500 mah lithium polymer pack

ESC: Barello 100 (Drive)

Receiver: JR R700

Weapon: 3.75" Diameter Ti. spinning disc belt driven by Electrifly Speed 280 BB motor

Weapon ESC: Electrifly C-20 ESC

Frame: Custom milled .125" polycarbonate with sozbot COPAL motor mounts

Build Report

tOBOR was my very first combat robot. When I began building, I was still very new to many aspects of the design, fabrication, and operation of combat robots and, as a result, tOBOR went through many different iterations as I became more knowledgeable. I only took a few images of tOBOR during the build so all I have is a set images that show the very early 1st generation design iteration.

I began with two sheets of carbon fiber and all of the components were sandwiched in between. The Sozbot motor mounts served as the main structural members with no additional side armor to speak of. The foam wheels were glued to the plastic hubs which were press fit onto the hex shafts. The weapon motor was face mounted using two screws which were nearly inaccesible once the belt pulley was installed and the weapon shaft was to be supported by only two holes in the very thin carbon fiber top and bottom armor. This was obviously a begginner's robot.

With the help of other builders such as Brian Schwartz of Team Python, I was able to improve the final design by using custom machined polycarbonate panels for the top and bottom armor instead. The polycarbonate was machines to provide slots where components needed to fit and it also provided a stronger mounting location where bearings could be installed to support the weapon shaft.

Even with several improvements, tOBOR suffered several problems. It was a real struggle to get the robot under 16 ounces, the COPAL gearmotors would easily strip their plastic gears, side armor was still completely absent, the weapon motor drew far too much current, and the weapon motor's mounting method made it very difficult to remove the motor when the timing belt pulley was installed. This was my very first robot though and served more as a learning experience for me.

tOBOR has since been retired with a 2-2 record but you can see how he did at my first competition in the CIRC Bot Brawl Nov 8th, 2004 event report.