Solution 2

Our second solution was a 'Mail Group Monthly Newsletter'. This idea would incorporate past and current customers into a select groups of email recipients who would receive a newsletter containing recent changes and offers within Darenth Print and Deign. For example; showcasing new technology and products, incentives for customers to continue purchasing from Darenth Print and Design and add more people into the email group. This would result in a boost in customers for the company as people are offered small incentives in order to achieve a larger customer base (e.g for every four email addresses given, the company will offer 10% off from the next order). In terms of costing the solution offers a very small startup fee as current employees are trained in I.T and can easily create a professional email and with Darenth Print and Design's background, a newsletter would be a relatively simple task to design (we have provided you with an example template) and could benefit the company if the experiment worked.