This website contains photographs taken during an unusual weather balloon flight on the morning of April 28,
 2012. After launching in Great Barrington, the weather balloon traveled 150 miles Southeast and landed just 500 feet off the coast of Martha's Vineyard. For two hours it drifted in the Atlantic until it was noticed and retrieved by a fisherman. During its flight, the weather balloon passed over the Narraganset and Buzzard's Bay, capturing incredible imagery of Massachusetts' coastline and islands.

The payload carrying all the electronics was constructed by gluing together 
interlocking pieces of pink foam insulation to form a box one cubic foot in volume. Four softer black foam bumpers were glued to the bottom corners of the box to cushion the landing of the box. A parachute was connected to the payload by zip ties.

Two holes were drilled in the walls of the box so that two cameras - one for still images, one for video - could document the voyage. Still pictures were taken out a hole in the side of the payload with a Canon PowerShot A480 hacked with custom CHDK firmware to take pictures every five seconds. Video was taken out a hole in the bottom of the box with an RCLogger video camera.

Temperature and pressure sensors were connected to an Arduino data logging circuit. To locate the payload after it landed, a Motorola i425 running the GPS tracking program InstaMapper was including as well.

This project was designed and executed by Olin College students Daniel Dichter (right), Shane Skikne (left), and Reilly Butler (center) for the class "Real World Measurements" under Professor Brian Storey.