Who are we...

    Team Shendo is a group of Martial Arts students who were hand picked for their dedication, Martial Arts skills, attitude and behavior not only in the Dojo but at home and everywhere else. They travel around the community performing demonstrations at various events and functions to raise awareness of the benefits of Martial Arts in your life.

    Team Shendo was founded in April of 2009 by Chief Instructor Mr. Junior. In the summer of the following year he was joined by Mr. Mario. The two of them became co-captains and begin working immediately to better the team. Not long after Mr. Robbie was promoted to co-captain of the team as well. With Mr. Robbie leading the team on stage and Mr. Junior and Mr. Mario running the technical aspects of the team, Team Shendo grew to have over 25 members performing demonstrations around the community. Team Shendo performs at events such as Girl Scout Rallies, Health Fairs and Relays for Life.

    If you would like Team Shendo to perform at your next event, please contact Mr. Junior or Mr. Mario at the listed phone number or email address.



Meet the team:
Junior DeFaria
Mario Perez
Robbie Fourqurean

The Team:
Alex River-Coast
Mack Black
Nagee Duplessis
Logan Smargissy
Jonathan Mitzenmacher
Gabriel Perez
Colby Cash
Jason Gold
Drew Baily
Mac Flavin
Will Flavin
Connor Callahan
Leila Oubrar
Diana Ramirez
Bryan Howard
Kyle Parrish
Jahein Duplessis
Bella Naranjo
Jimi Fourqurean
Ervin Vasquez
Daniel Rivera