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Mission International Teams:
Mission International sends Mission Teams around the world, many of which are involved in one form of evangelism or another.   We believe that the whole person is body and soul, therefore we can help families and communities 'physically', and 'spiritually' as well.

If you would like to be involved in an evangelism team, then please visit our Mission Teams or Mission Medics pages.

You can support our teams:
You may however feel that you would like to support our evangelism teams in one way or another.   Below there is a list of ways that you can really help teams as they seek to share God's Word in conjunction with with our international partners, with those they meet.

The Call to Go and Preach:
Jesus commands us to  “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation". We therefore need to respond to that Call.   Mission International's Mission Teams take this very seriously and therefore send teams 'into the world' in order that we can share the Good News, the message of the Gospel to those we meet.   If you would like to be part of a Mission Team to Africa, Asia or the Caribbean, then please visit our Mission Teams page.

Cost of sending a Mission evangelism team:
Mission International team members raise their own personal costs in order that they can be part of a team.   Over and above this however for the various items of kit and supplies necessary to equip a team are also required.    It costs about £3500-£5000 to deploy a team for a 3 week period (see list of items and costs below).   Mission International is continually seeking funding from a wide variety of sources to help fund these mission evangelism costs.   Your contribution would be of great value to us as we plan for our next mission.   Please visit our 'Make a Donation' page to find out how you can contribute.

The Jesus Film:
Our evangelism teams make use of a wonderful resource called the Jesus Film a full length epic which has now been translated into many languages.  A donation of £10 will allow one of our evangelism teams carry a copy of the Jesus film with them in the language of the nation in which they are deployed.

A Digital Projector:
In order to show the Jesus Film to large groups of people it is necessary for our teams to carry a digital projector with them.  A donation of £400will allow an evangelism team to carry and use a digital projector with accompanying cables in order that they can share the Gospel with small groups and crowds of people.

A DVD Player:
Either a dedicated DVD player or a laptop computer is required to link with the digital projector in order that our teams can show the Jesus Film.   A donation of £50 will purchase a DVD player and a donation of £350 will purchase a laptop computer, which will allow the team to do additional translation, training and Bible study work.

Public Address system:
when crows of people grow into the hundreds, it becomes very difficult to communicate with them, and allow the jesus Film sound track to be heard without the aid of a PA system.   A donation of £1000 makes it possible to purchase a simple PA system, and a donation of £200 will hire a system for a few weeks.  You may like to consider donating second hand PA system which we can ship out with, or in advance of our teams in order that this crucial message reaches as many people as possible.  Please have a look at our 'Container Relief' and 'Mission Technology' pages to find out more information.

Platform Staging:
Providing a risen platform (so larger crowds can see the preacher) with a canopy to protect the preacher from the sun's powerful rays (many of our areas of ministry are in equatorial areas where the sun is hot and directly overhead) will greatly benefit a preaching team.   A donation of £50 will purchase a stage unit (of which we need four) to put together to make a small staged area.

Petrol Driven Generator:
Most of the destinations our Mission Teams are sent to evangelise do not have a regular electric power supply, if there is any at all.   A generator allows the team to make sure that they are able to show the Jesus Film, operate the PA system and distribute literature without interruption in and at the time allocated.   A donation of £600 will provide an appropriate generator for the mission.
Printing of posters and leaflets:
Part of the planning for evangelistic events in the developing world surrounds how to reach people and invite them to the event.   One simple way that works well in areas where TV advertising is not possible, is to use posters and leaflets to advertise the event.   A donation of £100 will allow local partners to print advertising materials in the local languages and get them out to those who are to be invited.

Bibles for new believers:
In order that the Gospel message is reinforced and that new believers have access to the Word of God, our teams like to give free copies of Gospels and literature to interested parties and copies of the Bible to new believers.   A donation of £5 will allow a new believer to receive their own Bible.

Transport to Outreach Location:
Teams often travel over large distances to reach the far off rural communities carrying supplies and equipment for their mission, where they will share the Gospel.   Teams require to hire 4 wheel drive vehicles to get access to remote villages and communities,  A £70 donation will hire a 4 wheel drive vehicle for a day.  Due to the high cost of fuel in many countries this has prevented teams from being able to reach out into some of the most remote places in the world.   A donation of £50 purchase fuel to allow an evangelism team to travel into 'the bush' to bring this life changing message to those who might otherwise not be able to hear it.


East Africa Events Truck/Trailer:
Many of the countries where Mission International operates border with one another and our local partners and their areas of mission are close to one another.   One way we can streamline our large outreach events is to have a trailer, already set up, to drop in more easily accessible population centres.   A donation of £10,000 will allow Mission International evangelism teams to move between centres and reach more people with the Good News!

Make a Donation:
To make a financial contribution to Mission International's evangelism efforts please visit our 'Make a Donation' page.   There you can print out, complete and return the appropriate form OR make an on line donation OR a bank transfer.

Ghana Testimonies:
Here a Mission International team are involved in an Gospel preaching walk through villages in N E Ghana some 600 miles from the capital city Accra.   The team were preaching in a small community when a young Frafra mother approached them with tears rolling down her face.  "can I speak with you" she said to the team leader, "of course" was the reply.   She then related to the team that she (already a Christian) had been sharing the Gospel with her mother and had found her to be very resistant to it.   She started praying that someone would come along and would preach the Gospel to her mother.   That day, we arrived unannounced and preached the Gospel in her village.   Her mother responded and gave her life to Christ there and then.

A report from our team leader in Ghana: 
We had an amazing time at a remote valley village called Ganre (pronounced Garry) in upper east Ghana on Saturday. After a long walk through lakes and fields, the team settled under the village "parliament" tree. After about an hour nearly 100 adults and children had gathered from the tall maize crops all round us. Team shared and gave their testimonies and over 25 adults gave their lives to the Lord. Pastor Peter Awane will provide support from his church to this group from here on.