Welcome to the website of FRC team #4941, Team Robobibb! Team Robobibb is Bibb County's robotics team, composed of forty members from the seven public high schools in Bibb County. Our goal is to provide all Bibb County high school students with a STEM education while giving them the chance to compete and have fun.

2014 Peachtree Regional Highest Rookie Seed
2014 Peachtree Regional Rookie All-Star
2014 Peachtree Semi-Finalist
2014 G.R.I.T.S. Winning Alliance
2014 Destination Einstein "Adiós, Aerial Assist" Best Dressed Robot (TARDIS), Best Dressed Girl (Erin "Grumpy Cat" Rodenroth), Best Dressed Guy (David "Señor David" Hudgins)
We were fortunate to have members with previous experience with FIRST on our team. We were also incredibly lucky to have help pour in from so many existing teams. This year, we are reaching out to rookie teams to let them know about some of the most important lessons we learned during our rookie season, hoping that they will gain invaluable insight and their rookie year will start off smooth and be one of the best years ever. 

Our team members are spread out across the county, so it isn't always easy to get in touch with everybody. To conquer our communication challenge, we have a Facebook group for our members, a Facebook page for the community/FIRST community to like, a Twitter feed, and we are also available by email. We encourage people with any questions or comments to contact us! We'd love to hear what you have to say.