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Discovery Quest

Discovery Quest is an oral question-of-the-month activity that allows students to learn public speaking, independent research, and report writing skills. Students should prepare to participate once a month. Each student is assigned a student number at the beginning of the year. Your child’s student number corresponds with the order in which they will present each month. Please check the calendar page for monthly due dates.


Look below to find a list of “quests” or research topics for this month. Each student should use books, magazines, reference books, family member interviews, or research tools such as the Internet to learn about the topic. If a student would like to give a presentation on a topic not listed below, students may research a topic of their choice, but they must get it pre-approved by Ms. Rafuse.


Students will present a 2-5 minute speech to our class in order to receive an oral communication grade. Acceptable participation means that they DO NOT READ their information, but they TELL us what they have learned. Students may use note cards, notes, bring pictures, posters they’ve made, or visual aid items.  The students in the audience will also be receiving a grade on their active listening skills. 

Students will also electronically submit a written report, including an MLA formatted bibliography, due the day their speech is given.  The report itself should contain the same content as their speech so no additional research is required.  It should be turned in on a flash drive, disk, or via email.


This activity should be a fun way to study something that is interesting to the student. Students should look through the Discovery Quest topic options, and select the most interesting to study. If none of the topics are of interest, plan to present on an approved topic of their choice.



1.  April is Earth Month.  Tell us what being "green" means and how each of us can make a difference.

2.  Look at this pattern:   1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21. . .  Can you continue this famous number sequence?  It's called the Fibonacci sequence after the Italian mathematician who "discovered" it.  Discover Fibonacci and his life OR find examples of this sequence in nature.  (Hint: Count flower petals in multi-layer flowers for starters.)

3.  Discover Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Tell us about his presidency and how he influenced the future of America. 

4.  With warmer weather comes more outdoor play--hooray!  Discover safety on bikes, skateboards, roller blades, or scooters.  Teach the class how to be safer while having more fun!



1.  Discover a type of poetry that doesn't rhyme.  Show us how to write a haiku, cinquain, or diamante.  How about sharing limericks and showing how to write one?

2.  If you are traveling somewhere this summer discover your destination! Tell us all about where you are going and what it is like there.  Answer these questions and tell us much more: What city and state or country are you going to? What will the weather be like this time of year?  What type of activities are there to do there?

3.  Who are the state senators and state representatives for the county you live in?  Are they Republican or Democrat?  Find out about one of them - - their family, jobs (normally), and views on things that are important to you.



Discovering Going Green by Cammi
Discovering Taylor Mali by Sean
by Zack


**Thanks to Mrs. Renz for this idea.**   

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