For over 21 years I did many of these exercises while I was in the military, but it wasn't until I started your boot camp that I finally learned the correct way to do them and actually felt the difference/benefit.  It is great to have someone that really knows the proper way to perform an exercise to get the maximum benefit from it.  Additionally I love the way you keep changing what we do each day and throughout our work out providing a variety of rapid changing exercises. 

~Pam Kirchoffer


Team Radosta Boot Camp has made a drastic improvement in my fitness and my figure. I was trying to lose weight before I started and was not seeing the results I wanted. Adding the exercise and learning about "clean eating" made all the difference. It is like having my own personal trainer, but having the benefit of working out with a great group of people who make it so much fun… I would (and always do) highly recommend his Boot Camp to everyone that asks!!

~Becky Lesko


Brett is a gentle motivator, most people think because they call it “Boot Camp” that he is yelling at you, totally not the case he pushes you but in a non-offensive way.   We can honestly say that we enjoy working out when we are doing Team Radosta’s boot camps and interval trainings and hate the days that I have to miss.   

~Mike and Connie Griffin





Last summer, when I turned 55 years old, I realized it was time to get back on track for a healthier lifestyle, which included both eating better and participating in some type of exercise program.  The problem was - I hated to exercise, and the words "Boot Camp" scared me off.  I had visions of my lying on the side of the road, begging for mercy and oxygen.  However, my daughter Jen, talked me into taking a Water Aerobics class with her at our pool.  Was I ever surprised to discover that not only did I enjoy this class given by Team Radosta, I actually looked forward to it every week.  Who would have thought that exercising in a pool could be fun, and also beneficial.  Thank you Faith!
When summer ended, I found that I wanted to continue with some type of exercise program.  Team Radosta created a "Beginners Boot Camp" and designed a program specifically for our skill level.  We currently meet twice a week, and every class is different, as that skill level, endurance, and confidence increases.  Brett Radosta patiently demonstrates the proper ways to use the equipment, and the correct form for the different exercises.  He encourages us to reach deep and do our best, but is very careful not to push us beyond our capabilities and to do anything that would cause an injury.  He shares his knowledge and insights of how the exercises affect our body, in addition to the benefits of "cleaner" eating.  I find that I enjoy and look forward to these sessions as much as I did the Water Aerobics.  So thank you Brett!
Team Radosta has many different types of exercise programs, at many convenient times.  If you are looking to join one, I strongly encourage you to participate in a Team Radosta Boot Camp.  I am starting to see the results of my efforts, and I am sure you will too!
~Sue Dennis



From a very young age, I was involved in many physical activities and considered myself to be in good shape. I danced, swam, worked as a lifeguard, played raquetball, walked and biked almost daily, and took all sorts of fitness classes - and I never had any weight issues.   However, as often happens, I finished school, started down my career path, got married, and had children.  About 6 months after the birth of my second child, and 20+ pounds heavier than I was when I married my husband, I took stock of my weight, my activity level, my fitness, and my physical appearance, and I was ashamed.  I knew that I needed to make some changes, but, while the incentive was there, the desire to find a program and stick to it was not.  My real wake up call came about a year later when my three year old child told me that Mommies are supposed to be medium-sized (children small, Daddies large - think Goldilocks and the Three Bears), but that I was large.  I knew then that I needed to make a commitment to lose weight and get back in shape - not only for my own good, but because I am trying to raise two children to have healthy minds and bodies.  I had to get in shape to set a good example for my boys.  

Enter Team Radosta!  I joined Brett's Team Radosta Boot Camp in April, 2009.  It was tough just getting through a workout at first because I was in such bad shape, but Brett is a patient (but persistent) coach, and my classmates are all very supportive.  It wasn't long before I experienced results, and I found that I looked forward to each class.  I enjoy the challenging workouts, and I appreciate the fact that they are ever-changing, so I am strengthening and toning all over.  In five and-a-half months, I have lost 25 pounds and dropped 5 clothing sizes.  I have tons of energy to chase my children around, and the strength and endurance to do so for as long as they want.  The biggest change, however, has been in my confidence, which is boosted everyday when I see how my husband looks at me.   

Thank you, Team Radosta, for helping me achieve my fitness and weight loss goals, and also for helping me feel better about myself than I have in 10 years! Oh!  And my son told me that I am now medium-sized!  THAT is an accomplishment!

Sincerely -

~Shannon McClure


I love Team Radosta's Fitness Programs! I started with Aqua Fit and moved into Boot Camp. Both Faith and Brett take the time to get to know you and your fitness goals. Even in a class I feel that I get one on one attention and it is personalized to fit my needs. Brett is very passionate and positive about health. That's what we need as society..people who are passionate and positive. I would recommend Team Radosta's programs to anyone from a beginner (like me) to a person who already consistently works out. Everyone benefits!

~Jennifer Zimmerman

I have been attending Team Radosta's Boot Camp since July.  From the first class I was hooked. I love exercising outside and  I love how the workout changes every day. It's wonderful to work with a group of like-minded people. Tennis is my passion and I sometimes play four times a week.  This can be tough on the body of a Senior Citizen (especially one with back and knee issues) so watching my body become stronger due to the boot camp training is wonderful. I must confess it's nice to hear from fellow Senior Citizens who can't believe how active I am.

 ~Joyce Koth

Hey! Just wanted to write you and tell you how much it means to us and Ben that Brett is working with them~ i think they are kindred souls :). I’ve never, ever seen Ben 'take' to someone like that before~ his eye contact is so good with Brett and he just wants to please him~ I’ve tried SO many things with him and this has just clicked and has been so positive~ I just wanted you to know 

~Kerry Caron


Brett Radosta is working as a personal trainer for our son Jack. Jack is nine years old and has autism. We often have to explain and try to convince instructors to accept Jack into a program. Brett and his wife Faith were very eager to accept Jack. Brett was already working with one student with autism. He spent a lot of time in a telephone interview and in an in-person interview to find out as much as possible about Jack.

He did a great deal of research on what physical skills children with autism lack and what would be the best way to teach them. He was very friendly with Jack from the beginning.

My husband and I appreciate the fact that he wants to know how we feel about his work. We appreciate even more the fact that he expects Jack to follow instructions and complete his exercises. He does a great job modeling the exercises and drills for Jack. He has set goals for training to run in races and get ready for next year’s swim team.

We would gladly recommend Brett and his program to anyone!

~Suzanne Pruitt

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