Introducing Team Power Wheels

Principles of Engineering (ENGR2210) at Olin College of Engineering is a project based course where students learn to
integrate analysis, qualitative design, quantitative optimization, experiments, and simulations to improve their ability to engineer real systems.

The Final Project Requirements:
The final project of POE is to design a mechatronic system around a PIC microcontroller that includes a nontrivial mechanical system design and
fabrication and a nontrivial electronic system involving hardware and firmware aspects.

Team Power Wheels' Goal:
To create an autonomous field marker that used a user-supplied image to draw it on the macroscale on a field or other large surface.
The vehicular platform was a Fisher Price Power Wheels Barbie Rider ATV.

Check out the various systems! Software, Electrical/Hardware, Mechanical

Meet Team Power Wheels!

Check out a demo of the finished product!