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09/09/07-1000FR goes to 549 feet!

We went out this morning and launched A-1000FR. It was a perfect day. Setup went without a glitch and pressurizing was quick with the new launcher.

I had the deploy set for about 6.5 seconds. which seams good if you look at the video. If you want the better copy you can email me and I will send it to you. It isn't much better quality. My email is:

You can hear my relief in the video from the parachute deploying on command.

Today was a good launch and a nice birthday present since today was my birthday. It was nice not to have to fix rockets today.



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Rocket: A-1000FR

Capacity: Classified

Fill: Classified

PSI: Classified

Weight: 390 grams

Parachute Size: 14 inch

Nozzle: Custom Classified

Chute Deployment: Custom built 

# of launches: 1



More pressure next time.

Onboard video!

Bigger chute.


More Pics on: