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I started building water rockets for our schools Science Olympiad team about 4 years ago. I have a huge interest in water rockets and it is all thanks to my coach Mr. Pancy. I have turned my basement into a rocket "headquarters" for my building. I have made many rockets in my life but they are all different. I invented the side deployment speed flap about 2 years ago and it is a charm!



WRA2 (Water Rocket Achievement World Record Association)

Air Command Water Rockets (Nice site about gardena rockets)

Team U.S Water Rockets (Class A World Record Holders 2044 Feet. (623m)

MSN Water Rockets group (Nice forum)

Apogee Pages Pages (Splice info/14 liter rocket (Dutch site))

Nicks Water Rockets (Lots of good helpfull information)

Bristol Water Rockets (how to build a simple FTC rcoket)

Deans Benchtop (simulator)

Robert Youens (FTC Rockets)

Urie's Water Rockets (Carbon fiber FTC rockets, lots of good info)

Wikipedia (Information on all parts of the hobby)