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Work Update: 11/18/07

I got the new top bulkhead made and glued it on and finished it last night. Today I started making one of the 2 new payloads. With the new upper bulkhead the payload actually sits square with the whole rocket. Also made the new bigger chute today. The old chute was a 16 inch diameter and the new one is an 18 inch with longer strings. Also the old one has a pilot hole in the top; the new one doesn’t to maximize the drag for the small size the chute is. I had made a 24 inch chute awhile back but it just doesn’t fit well in the rocket. You have to pack it way to tight to fit. The new one fits perfect.


Next weekend I plan to pressure test the new end if it isn’t too cold. We had issues last year with vessels becoming brittle with the cold temperature and failing before expected. But the weather doesn’t look good and it might be to cold to test. If so then the rocket will sit and dry all winter.


Also look for some more upcoming projects like finishing the big green 7 splice rocket. And maybe a extreme series that will not compete in the WRA2 class standings because for rule issues.

Work Update: 11/14/07

I have worked a bunch on A-1000FR recently it seams. Now I have more time because it is to crappy outside to do anything. I cut the old top bulkhead off and am in the process of mounting a new one. I am making a jig because the first time I did it with my calibrated eyeball and it was a little off. It was rushed to get done for the 1000 foot challenge but now I have all winter to get it right. Plus it will make it stronger which helps.

I also did some launch pad work by replacing some of the parts. This should make the rocket sit better on the pad.

I am in the process of making a new payload section to accustom the new bigger parachute. It also will make it easier to turn the altimeter on once it is inside the bay.

Winter Plan: 11/14/07

The plan this winter is to get the thing done right and take our time. Everything has been tested and now all the nervous jitters are done for the mostly. I want to build 2 payloads. 1 for just altimeter and deployment system; another for the whole system including camera. So we can get 1 or 2 more launches under our belt before we put some real expensive hardware up into the sky.