Hi ____________ (name), how are you?

Listen, do you have anything on ___________ @ ____________ that you can't get out of?

Great, I'd called to ask for your support.  I just started my own Healthy Gourmet Beverage Business, and I'm launching with three flavors of coffee; black, latte, and mocha, and I also have a green tea and hot chocolate.

I'm having a private coffee and jazz mixer on ___________ @ ____________ to sample our beverages and to share the vision of my business, and I wanted to know if I can count on your support by attending, and giving me your feedback?

Fantastic!  By the way expect a quick call from my business partner they like to introduce themselves to the guests before they arrive.  (done get off the phone, be in a hurry)

This is what the business partner would say to your guest on a quick call:

Hi (guest name)!  How are you?  It's (the speaker's first & last name) I understand that you cleared your schedule for and hour on ______________ @ ______________   to be at  (cjm's Host) house.   I've have actually cleared my schedule as well.  I'm coming all the way from Clayton and I'm going to be sharing some powerful business information with a select group of people,  and based upon what (CJM Host) has shared with me about you I'd like to spend a few moments with you before we begin so if you could get there a little before (time) we could go ahead and do that. Are you good at keeping your appointments.  If for any reason something comes up could you do me a huge favor and contact (_________), because we are parpairing for you if your not going to make it, for what ever reason it would give (           ) time to fill that spot.   Thank you.  I look forward to meeting you in person.