Rother Valley Triathlon Festival

On Sunday 12th June a number of Team Manvers Triathletes took part in the Rother Valley Sprint Triathlon, for some it was the chance to qualify for the 2012 European Championships and for some the first foray into Triathlon.
The weather forecast was not good, so getting up early I was surprised to see no rain but blue skies and warm. After setting up and listening to the race brief it was off to the swim start. Thankfully for me the Mass start and the sessions of open water swimming paid off, I didn't panic I just went about my swim and after a few battles for position I came out of the water in 13mins 27secs. With no time to dwell it was off with the wetsuit and straight out on the bike. Now I had heard rumours from fellow competitors that the bike course was quite hilly but I wasn't disappointed it just seemed to be hills after hills and more hills. The police and Marshalls at the junctions on the bike course did a great job. At least the good thing about going uphill was you came back down the hills on coming back into Rother Valley. Once back in Rother Valley is was into Transition from run to bike. Feeling the effects of the bike I just gritted my teeth through the run and survived my first Triathlon. No time to rest though its back out training and looking to my next event.

Overall Name Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Overall
45 PAUL CLARKE  00:10:19  00:01:08 00:47:22 00:00:44 00:20:00 01:19:33
95 JOACHIM PROOT 00:12:40  00:01:15 00:49:03 00:01:00 00:21:02 01:25:00
191 IAN PUGSLEY 00:15:22  00:01:58 00:50:57 00:00:56 00:23:04 01:32:17
198 BRIDGET BOOTH 00:15:01  00:01:28 00:53:19 00:01:15 00:21:44 01:32:47
203 DEAN SEWELL 00:12:58  00:02:45 00:52:47 00:01:31 00:23:04 01:33:05
223 MARK CARRINGTON 00:13:52  00:01:55 00:51:04 00:01:40 00:25:30 01:34:01
238 CHRISTOPHER WHITEHEAD 00:13:27  00:01:25 00:55:04 00:00:41 00:24:58 01:35:35
278 KATHLEEN BRANKIN 00:17:33  00:01:59 00:55:13 00:01:51 00:23:12 01:39:48