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Paul Clarke

Name:- Paul Clarke

Qualifations:-   ASA swimming teacher level 1,2 and 3 , ASA coach level 1 & 2


Sporting hero:-  There is only one person it’s got to be lance Armstrong


Greatest sporting achievement:- Hasn’t happened yet as want to get better ever race


Tri discipline:- Swim (good), Bike (ok) , Run (ok)


Tri races:-  To many to list as do on average 5 to 6 per season as not a ironman


Fav quote:- No pain no gain , there’s no such words as can’t


Best race:- Budapest 2010 world champs as was my goal to represent GB in age group within 2 years of starting tri ( came 20th in age )


Tips:- Pace ( good) , pace (even) : it’s no good going hell for leather from the very start as nobody can keep full pace for a whole race ( not even the pro’s)  it’s about measured effort , as long as you cross that line and couldn’t give any more that’s all you can ask for