Welcome to
Team Lyle New England
8 Hour Motorcycle Road Rally

September 16, 2017
Waterville, Maine

**************************** NEWS BULLETIN *****************************

Team Lyle New England is pleased to announce that this year's Top Scoring Rookie will receive a Free Entry into the
2018  MinuteMan1000 Rally
New England's only Premier 24 Hour Rally

Thanks to the extreme generosity of Rob Nye and the MinuteMan1000 organization, our highest scoring new rider will have their choice of either the 24 hour Open Rally or the SaddleSore 1000 certificate ride.

If I may quote former Vice-President Joe Biden; "This is a big effin' deal ! ! !"

    In keeping with Team Lyle New England tradition, we are once again moving the TLNE Rally to yet another awesome location.  After 5 great years of bouncing around Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire, the Rally Staff and I are very excited to announce we will be moving the TLNE Rally to the Bonus rich, Fabulous riding, Great State of Maine.  
    Beautiful Waterville, Maine will be our host city this year.  Rally HQ will be located at the moto friendly Best Western Plus Hotel.  All rally related gatherings including the Start and Finish, will take place at the Best Western Plus. 

    In previous years the fund raising portion of our program was always to benefit the Eddie's Road Foundation, in honor of Team Strange founder Eddie James.  However, due to a change in that foundation's operations, we have decided to support a more local charity.  For 2017, all Team Lyle New England Rally proceeds (your Entry Fees) will benefit the Garry Owen House Project which supports local homeless veterans.  Truly a Great Cause.  More on the Garry Owen House.

So........ just what is a Team Lyle Rally?
We are glad you asked and thank you for your interest.

    A Team Lyle Rally is a low cost, one day event designed to introduce riders to the concept and execution of an "IronButt" style road rally.  It is also a fun way to raise money for local charities. (That is where your Entry Fee goes).  Only 8 hours in length, it is a mini version of the famous multi day IronButt Rally.  Kind of like a Poker Run, but there are no cards involved. Kind of like a Scavenger hunt, but with no scavenging, but plenty of hunting.  A Team Lyle Rally is also designed to give friends an opportunity to gather and meet new friends, plus enjoy a great day of riding without the added pressure of a more competitive style rally.  We also encourage riders to bring their non-rally bikes, like vintage machines or scooters.  

    The Team Lyle Rally is open to all makes and models of motorcycles. Three wheeler, sidecar rigs, even those CanAm Spyder things are all welcome to ride.  Be advised: Whatever you are riding must be a street legal machine and currently registered.  Please, No Drag Pipes. This is not the venue for "wheelies", "burn outs", or "sidewalk dyno testing".  Thank you.

    It is very important that you understand the difference between a Rally and a Race.  A typical race format would be to start everyone at the same time and the first one across the finish line wins.  Our Rally however, is formatted a little different.  Everyone starts and finishes at the same time.  Your final finishing position is determined by the number of points you can safely accumulate within a specific time frame.  In our case here; 8 hours.

How this Rally works:
    Prior to the start of the rally, all riders will be given an ID Tag (with Rider's number on it), and a Rally Book.  This book will contain a listing of all the "bonus" locations available for this rally.  Each listing will contain a point value for that location, directions (w/GPS Lat/Lon) for that location, and what is required of the rider to claim the points for that location, ie, take a photo of something, obtain a receipt for something or answer a question about that location.  Generally, the higher the point value, the more difficult it may be to obtain.  

    That being said, ANY camera will do.  Smartphone, tablet, iPad, point&shoot, even Polaroid prints.  As long as your camera has a decent size viewing window, it will do.  We will NOT be downloading your photos, we only need to view them, one at a time, at the scoring table.  More on that later.  Most of the "bonus" locations in this rally will require the rider to take a photo of some marker, statue or a sign of some kind.  It could be most any kind of object, so expect the unexpected.  

More on this in the Rally Book.
    There is no base route for this rally.  Riders are free to create their own routes according to their own abilities and interest.  There are no tricks or miracles, however, Reading Comprehension is vital.  You must read the Rally Book carefully.  Do exactly what it says.  Follow directions precisely.  Remember - READING COMPREHENSION is your friend ! ! 

    The challenge for the rider is to create a route that will maximize their point total safely within the 8 hour time limit.  Riders are free to claim any bonus in any order they choose.  However, a bonus can only be claimed once.

 It is not about speed. 
It is about strategy.

    At the end of the rally, riders will gather their paper work and review their photos, then head to the Scoring Table. The rider with the most points wins.  Simple eh?

    A lot more information about scoring, the use, care and feeding of your Rally Book will be forthcoming in the months to come.  

    One last important note: 
This rally will operate under the Team Strange Uniform Rules.

Team Strange Uniform Rules state that helmets are required for all riders in any TeamStrange event. Including Team Lyle events.
We don't care what any local laws say on the matter.  

Please spend some time at the Rules page.  You are responsible for reading and understanding the contents.
We are all adults here.  There are rules to follow, that is what keeps everyone on the same level field.
If you can't play nicely, you don't have to ride.

    So, if we haven't scared you away or if any of this sounds remotely interesting, please join us in Maine on September 16th.  We promise a great day of riding and a chance to meet and greet some pretty awesome people.

Place: Waterville,  Maine
Date: September 16, 2017
Entry Fee: $35 per motorcycle

.....is it September yet?

Blessings to you all,
Mark W. Collins
RallyMaster - Team Lyle New England