Team Lyle New England

August 13, 2016

Help us celebrate our 5th year ! ! ! 

The 5th running of the Team Lyle New England 8 Hour Rally (TLNE) will be held Saturday, August 13, 2016 at the Best Western Plus hotel in Keene, New Hampshire.

If you have ever wanted to find out what this "IronButt" style motorcycle rally business is all about, then you've come to the right place.  This is a great way to get introduced to the Wonderful World of Rallies.  While designed for rally riders from all experience levels, we will ensure the new rider has a rewarding first rally experience. Oh, and we even have a plaque for the top scoring Rookie !!

Prior to the start of the rally, each rider will be given a Bonus Listing, (Rally Book).  Each listing will contain the Location of the bonus, including Lat and Lon coordinates, (XX.xxxxxx, -XX.xxxxxx), and a Point Value for that bonus.  There may also be a brief story of significance for that location.

Although a GPS is not required, some riders find them helpful.  Adequate directions and/or addresses are included for each Bonus location. That being said; you will need VERY GOOD road maps of New England.  The more detailed the map the better. 

There is no base route or established route that riders must follow.  Riders are free to create their own routes according to their individual abilities and selection of Bonus locations. Each Bonus location has a point value assigned to it. The higher the point value, the more difficult to obtain.  A rider's finishing position is determined by their total point score.


Any camera will do. You are free to use a Polaroid, a Digital, any type of Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop or what have you.  As long as it has a decent size viewing window, it will do. The idea is not to collect or download memory cards.  During the scoring process, we only need to view your bonus photos directly on your device.  Simple.
The challenge for the rider is to create a route that will take them from the Starting Point, back to the Finish, within the allotted time, ( 8 Hours ), while safely collecting as many points as possible.  Care must be taken to allow for traffic, adverse weather, stopping for fuel, road construction, etc.  The rider who successfully collects the most points wins.

In June 2011, Minnesota based TeamStrange, introduced the Team Lyle 8 Hour Rally as an opportunity to gather with friends old and new.  The rally provided 8 hours of rally fun without the added pressure of the more competitive 24 hour style rallies.  It also provided a fun way to raise money for a very charitable cause, with most of the entry fees being donated directly to Eddie's Road.  It also encouraged new riders to participate. It further encouraged entrants to bring out their non-rally bikes.

It was a roaring success
Team Lyle Rallies are designed to be low cost, easy to organize, one day events that you can stage anywhere.  When the organizers of Team Lyle put forth the concept of going national, the requests went out for volunteers to host a Team Lyle Rally in their local area. It will also be a fun way to raise money for a great charity.  I also want to encourage new rally riders and non-rally bikes as well.

Open to all brands of motorcycles including scooters, trikes, side cars and even those CanAm Spyder thingies.
Cool and interesting places to go without all the pressure, just a fun ride.
Entry fee:  $35 solo or $45 two-up    ( Such a deal )       
T-Shirts are $5.00   

Registration opens March 1, 2016



Blessings to you all,
Mark W. Collins
RallyMaster - Team Lyle New England