The overall 
TEAM project is an initiative funded by USAID through the Leahy War Victims Fund and managed by JSI through its Advancing Partners and Communities Project. The overall goal of the project is to increase availability of and access to a wide variety of programs benefiting people with disabilities in conflict-affected countries by focusing on four main components: training, economic empowerment, assistive technology, medical and physical rehabilitation. team projects are currently being implemented in four countries by four different partners: world education in Lao PDR, world vision in Colombia, handicap international in the democratic republic of the Congo, and UPC wheels for humanity in Ukraine.

A project of World Education, TEAM Laos provides funding to local non-profit associations and international NGOs to implement projects that focus on physical rehabilitation and persons with disability within Lao PDR. Each project will address at least one component of TEAM in a comprehensive, socially-focused approach that aims to improve services and have a positive effect on quality of life and social inclusion for PwD. Sub-recipients will collaborate to enhance the overall impact of all projects and create an environment in which PwD will be able to access a wider range of services.

The Vision of Laos TEAM project is a country where people with disabilities, especially women and girls are empowered and enabled to attain and maintain maximum independence to fully and equally participate in all aspects of life.

World Education Laos' current focus is on reaching the most disadvantaged populations through: managing a UXO Education and Awareness project; developing the capacity and infrastructure of the emergency medical care system for UXO accident victims; improving the economic situation for UXO and landmine survivors and their families; improving access to livelihoods through the Rural Livelihoods Program; and supporting organizations that provide services to persons with disabilities through the TEAM project.

For more information about World Education Laos, please visit the World Education Laos webpage.


    The stories in this book are stories of hope and resilience, and they illustrate the contribution that World Education’s USAID-funded TEAM project has made towards the realization of the rights of persons with disabilities to access improved services and to enjoy the same quality of life as others in the Lao PDR.