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Board Meeting Minutes

Team K-Man Board Meeting

Saturday, November 03, 2018

Attendees: Keith, Skip, Mike Z., Mike A., Nancy, Louise, Tara

4:20 p.m., Tracy Weed’s home                                                                                                                                                                              

Year-end Party

- At (updated - changed to Colony Inn), Saturday, January 26, 2019

- Have entire menu provided for attendees (no potluck). People bring their own drinks.

- Ron Haggadone’s musical group has offered to play as background music at year-end party. Keith will check if there is a place for them at the Carlton (considering size of room/hallway etc.).

- Possible give away for year- end party: baseball hats (Keith brought options) or towel. Suggestion is to have a few options at the party that attendees can choose from - first come, first served. Keith will pick a few things and send out an email to board.

Award wear

- Mark will send another survey to everyone. It will give details of this year’s item including cost and ask for a more detailed response from people. Award wear will have mileage on it. Members can also choose to omit mileage for a cost of $5 less. For those who want award wear, they will need to send in their size. Suggested item is tie dye hoodie. Minimum order is 25. Mark can ask in survey:

* Yes or No on purchase of award wear.

* If yes – a) what size?

 b) include mileage or no mileage($5 less) on award wear?

Treasurers Report
- Skip reported $ 6625.64 current team balance between bank account and PayPal.

Biking Update
- Len has set up a Team K-Man gmail account and has opened a Team K-Man account with ridewithgps. Gmail account has all members’ addresses in address book. Sent mail keeps track of all ride notices that have been sent. Len has put much effort into getting this all organized.

- Fees to date for ridewithgps are $50. As of March, the fees will increase to $80 for the year. The increased fee comes along with additional functionality and available information. Team K-Man will reimburse Len for these fees that will support the Saturday rides.

- Louise is suggesting an update to Team K-Man website because having an updated website would enable the presence of a folder that contains all the rides and all the routes to be available to viewers. Ideally the weekly ride could also be posted on website.

-Keith will reconnect with Dave Strybel who had at one point expressed interest in helping with computing needs/website.

Dues for 2019

- Remain the same as 2018 ($30)                    

- When notice goes out for party, remind attendees that fees for next year can be paid (check or PayPal) that night. Dues for 2018 covered banquet in January 2019. Fees for 2019 cover banquet in Jan 2020.

- If any additional funds accumulate, some can possibly be donated into the community. Ideas suggested include: Lighthouse afterschool biking program.

2019 Schedule

-January 26: year-end  party

- Three other parties, one each quarter ( to be held at Keith’s, Zappas, Tracy’s house)

Team K-Man Board Members

- Tracy Weed will be a new board member.


K-Man Board Meeting

Saturday 16 June 2018

4:00 pm, Zappas home

Attendees:  Keith, Louise, Skip, Mike Z., Mike A., Tara

KMan Team Bylaws: are available on the website if members are interested.

Confirmation of speakers and potlucks:  

  • The board is interested in ideas that any members have about possible speakers at potlucks in order to get additional interesting presentors.  Members can tell Keith or another board member or email Mark G. in order to pass along ideas of speakers.

  • Next potluck is in September at the Colamarino’s, date to be determined; suggestions for speakers would be much appreciated.

Team cycling Insurance:

  • Louise will ask Len to solicit information regarding team insurance. Skip will see if there is another lawyer/cyclist who could also advise the board on this.  

  • Questions of interest: What is the liability to the team/to the ride leader? What would be appropriate insurance required for such a team that puts out a ride? How would fees get collected?

  • USAC insurance: team would have to sign up and pay insurance based on the number of cyclists (e.g. less than 50, 50 – 100…) then each member would sign a waiver and pay annual dues.

Challenge wear:

  • Survey will come out to find out what members would prefer for challenge wear.

  • Features that will be asked about include: would members  want their mileage listed on award wear or just the Team Kman  logo/2018 challenge winner (Skip/Mark G – survey monkey)

Expenses for SAG Support:

  • Motion made and approved:  SAG drivers should be compensated at a rate of $0.50/mile in support of team KMan rides.

Saturday Team KMan Ride Postings:

  • Motion made and approved:  Louise will create a database of rides and then create a google calendar to organize sign up for volunteers.

  • Volunteers will select a ride from the database and send out the ride and be the ride leader for the day.


  • Could use an update of website and facebook page.  

  • Dave Strybel or Dan Baum as possible assistants.

  • Team KMan Facebook page would be suitable as a place to list equipment available/items for sale.