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Atascadero Swim Masters
We support camaraderie and longevity in the sport of masters swimming.

We swim at Kennedy Club in Atascadero MWF 6am. Coaching Donation Fee is $15/month paid twice per year. ($90=6x15).   Easy Pay - July -December. See below.

Testimonial from a masters swimmer, : "I use PayPal to support the team because even though I am not necessarily in town and available for workouts some months I know I am helping to support the team and its members so that it stays viable and vibrant. Each one of us is stronger because we are all a part of Atascadero Swim Masters."
Swim Coaching 2018 It is time to pay swim coaching dues for July-December.  We appreciate Coach K-Man, Coach Dave's, and Coach Nancy's dedication and help in making every workout interesting, challenging, and FUN!  We plan to continue with our coaching payment plan.  If we all donate to our coaching fund it will be very easy to continue in a fiscally prudent manner. Swimmer Etiquette Letter

Atascadero Masters Swimming

Thank you to those that have  already donated for July - December 
Bartt Frey, Amy Percosky, Karen Waska, Abby Jewel, David Strybel, Mark G, Cindy Watson, Kelly Dakin, Janet Wagner, Peggy Zappas, Mike Zappas, K-Man Schmidt, Mike Aiello, Vicki Carroll, Ellen Beraud, The Bick, Dale Dolan, Tara Dolan, Jackie Anderson, Laurie Reilly, Maria Taylor 

Easy Pay -->How to Pay for July-Dec Coaching NOW.
Our new payment system for coaching is easy to use. Use your credit card to pay on PayPal.  If you have trouble, ask for help, but no cash payments. ($15/month per month). It's easy with  "Easy Pay". 


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Below See Our Atascadero Swim Master 2018 USMS Swim Team Roster - 

If you are NOT on this USMS list please renew or sign up at this link:

Our Atascadero Swim Master 2018 USMS Swim Team Roster - If you are NOT on this USMS list you can sign up at this link:

1 Jacquie   Anderson N/A 3386-0676M 11/16/2017
2 Michael   Bickel N/A 338Y-05F08 12/28/2017
3 Ellen J Chinn N/A 3385-03HFE 11/15/2017
4 Mary Kelly   Dakin N/A 338N-05E8V 12/30/2017
5 Tara N Dolan N/A 338P-072UT 12/4/2017
6 Jennifer A Glenesk N/A 338E-H20WM 12/20/2017
7 Mark J Glenesk N/A 338F-03DNH 11/28/2017
8 Margret M McCall N/A 3385-0AKD2 11/4/2017
9 Nancy E Prier N/A 338G-03D5B 12/25/2017
10 Karen S Waska N/A 338Y-05HDK 12/29/2017
11 Cindy   Watson N/A 338R-0A61Z 11/6/2017
12 Mike   Zappas N/A 338B-05F0A 11/17/2017
13 Peggy   Zappas N/A 338X-05F09 11/17/2017

In 2018 the Team Members are planning to attend these focus events:
October: Trifecta 1500 Swims
January: Santa Rosa Short Course Meet
February: Jon Steiner Memorial 1500 Timed Postal Swim
May: - Short Course Nationals, Indianapolis

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