Founders - Team K-Man
 Keith Schmidt-Keith "K-Man" Schmidt is an ex-professional triathlete who continues to train and compete in this sport.  He is the owner of K-Man Cyclery in Atascadero and has a vast amount of knowledge about the sport of cycling, swimming, and runnning.  He has qualified for Hawaii Ironman 5 times, thus, he can provide vital training information to those members who are interested in training for a triathlon of this distance. He is Married to Robyn Schmidt a CalPoly Hall of Famer and active Team K Enthusiast.
   Kass Flaig-Kass Flaig has been competing in triathlons for a loooooong time.  She continues to compete in triathlons and has excelled in the sport in the age group category.  She has competed in masters swimming, and was awarded All American in several event..  She has also raced and completed several marathons, adventure races, Ironmans, and open water swims. Kass works in the Health Field and continues to be active in the sport.   
   Glenn Ohler-Glenn Ohler has been training for and competing in the sport of triathlon for many years.  He is a top cyclist in his age group and continues to move up in the placing at each triathlon race he finishes. Glenn is a fireman with Santa Barbara County and in his free time enjoys an adventurous life.
   Lance Fields-Lance Fields was new to the sport of triathlon when he became a founding member in 2002. Since then he has become an excellent Triathlete. He would say swimming is "his challenege sport". Lance is a positive and motivating team member! Lance works with TSA and keeps busy with training, work, and now a GRANDPA!