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Greater things are yet to come

And greater things are still to be done

~Chris Tomilin


Race to the Moon!

Team Just Ducky’s challenge is to design, construct and program a robot that performs simulated lunar missions using a LEGO® Mindstorm robot that we named EPIC.  We are based in Woodbury, Minnesota.  This challenge is based on the Lunar X Prize, for a private, non-government space craft to go to the moon and perform required lunar missions in order to win $30 million dollars.  Team Just Ducky believes that it is important to partner with industry leaders to provide frequent low cost space ventures, create new technology, and solve pressing environmental needs and world economic worries.  We think the Google Lunar X Prize Challenge provides non-government approaches, competition and alternative ideas.  Unmanned travel proves to be more economical and will allow spacecraft to get to the moon faster.  Presently, Team Just Ducky is researching potential moon resources to help alleviate energy problems here on Earth. Resulting technology created for use in space travel, serves humanity on Earth in several different ways.  Sustaining space travel will permit frequent trips to the moon, generate future space stations, allow colonization, and provide the ability to launch missions deeper into space.

Our Plan:

"We hope to make it to Phase 2, in the amount of time we have, learning about this competition just 12 days before the Phase 1 deadline.  The newly formed team is working overtime to complete the mission."- Phase One 

Phase Two

Our team’s anticipation was intense as we watched the computer screen throughout the day and night on Monday, waiting for the results. We knew that with all the extremely talented teams from around the world, this would be a tough competition. Judging must have been difficult due to the amazing entries.

At 11:00 p.m. we were glued to the computer monitor as the teams moving onto phase ll appeared. When we saw our name on the screen, our cheering could be heard by our neighbors and the man on the moon.

Good Luck to all of the participating teams!

Thank You,

Team Just Ducky

Craft Name: Epic

Our Blog: 
Follow this link to find our blog. 

On this page we will keep updating our progress. 

Also on this page we have posted all of the replies we have received about why we should go to the moon.  

Just Ducky Blog

Team Members: 
(Left to Right)
Mary Rose: 10th Grade

Jake: 9th Grade 

Lars: 9th Grade 

Jacob: 9th Grade 

Steffan: 9th Grade 

Keith: Team Captain 

Team Mascot: Bear (dog)  

Craft Name: Epic 

This is a team of FLL experienced members. Of these members, this team was created of people from three different FLL teams. 

...A brainstorm for a Mindstorm