How to join the group
-Clink on this link to go to the Team JTree Google group page.
-You can view topics without joining the group, but you must click 'Apply to join group' before you can post new Topics or reply
-When applying the default is to receive an email every time someone posts a new topic.  If you would rather view the group as an online fourm only then select 'No Email'.  Then select a user name or 'nickname' and selct apply to this group.
-I will receive your application and, if I think you are a clean character, I may let you in!

About the group
-OK I have not set anything like this up before, please give me feedback if something is not working or you would like to see a change
-you can post a topic to the group without using the group web page, just send an email to
-you can choose to automatically receive an email about topics you post in by checking the 'Automatically subscribe me' checkbox under the 'Membership and email settings' link at the top of the group page

Team JTree Group Forum