Carbine Marksmanship Challenge Info

GRGC Carbine Marksmanship Challenge


-Eye and ear protection is mandatory for all persons on or near the firing line.
-The use of chamber flags/unloaded chamber indicators is mandatory.
-When not on the firing line carbines/rifles will be carried muzzle up.
-Firearms will only be loaded under the orders of the range officer.
-When on the firing line muzzles must be pointed DOWN RANGE at all times.
-Shooters must obey all commands of the range officer.
-If match is held indoors, no steel core/bi-metal jacketed ammunition (bullets) allowed.

Division rules:

Center fire optics: Carbine/rifle equipped with ANY optical sight, including holographic, red dot.
Center fire irons: Carbine/rifle equipped with only iron sights.
Rim fire optics: Any rim fire carbine/rifle equipped with ANY optical sight, including holographic, red dot.
Rim fire irons: Any rim fire carbine/rifle equipped with only iron sights.

Although action type is not restricted, the match is ideally suited towards box magazine or stripper clip fed semiautomatic carbines/rifles. Pistol caliber carbines will be included in center fire divisions.
Other actions may be employed, however it is up to the shooter to comply with the requirement in center fire division(s) to load no more than five rounds at a time and be able to meet the par times.

General match rules/info.:
-Shooters on the firing line must follow all direction given by the range officer in charge.
-In center fire divisions, magazines/stripper clips may only be loaded with five rounds.
-In rim fire divisions, magazines may be loaded to capacity.
-Shooting will commence at the sound of a whistle and cease upon the sound of a whistle.
-Only the prescribed number of rounds may be fired from each firing position.
-No bi pods, slings, shooting rests/bags permitted.
-Shooters may employ a ground sheet/mat.


Target: NRA B-34 Police Silhouette

Scoring is out of 600 points with 'X' count to break ties.
Scoring will be completed and recorded by match staff.

Course of fire: (Each match requires 60 rounds)
*Modified May 31/18

15yrds. (20sec.)

10rnds standing unsupported.


25yrds. (90 sec.)

5rnds standing unsupported strong side

5rnds standing unsupported weak side

5rnds kneeling.


***Change target***


35yrds. (90sec.)

5rnds standing unsupported strong side.

5rnds kneeling.

5rnds sitting.


50yrds. (2min. 45sec.)

5rnds standing unsupported strong side.

5rnds sitting.

10rnds prone. *any support allowed

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