Word Study/ Spelling Lists

How our spelling program works in 4th grade:

Each week, we will focus on a specific spelling pattern for students to learn.We have a 30 minute block for spelling.

Monday:  Students receive last weeks test, record any misspelled words on the "Words to Learn" list, and highlight any high frequency words they spelled correctly.

Students take a pre-test made up of 10 words using the new specific pattern and self correct them to use as a study sheet. They participate in a mini lesson modeling the specific spelling pattern and are given guided practice.Students will choose their 5 weekly high frequency words.(Students must choose words that are NOT highlighted on their sheet already).

Tuesday & Wednesday: Students participate in hands on word manipulation games and activities practicing the specific spelling pattern. During these two days, students will also participate in small, needs based groups to receive even more guided practice.

 Thursday: the students will be tested on a total of 20 pattern words following the specific pattern of the week. 10 of these words will be from the assigned spelling list, but 10 will be completely new words. The purpose of the new words is to see how well the student can apply the patterns learned during the week.

After testing, I will grade each test, and return them on the following Monday morning. Then students will record incorrect words on the "words to learn" list, and highlight correctly spelled high frequency lists.

On short weeks during the year, the student may have a spelling list made up of misspelled words from previous tests. This holds the students accountable for learning all words.

Spelling Notebooks:
Each student has his or her own spelling notebook in which the high frequency words will be stored for studying purposes. In this folder, the student will keep up with their spelling notebook, spelling  classwork, and spelling homework packets. These will both be collected on Thursday of each week.

Spelling Homework:
Each Monday, you will receive a packet that contains the homework for the week. Most weeks the activities will remain the same for spelling, but will focus only on the pattern being studied for the week.
 The front sheet will always be a parent letter explaining the pattern being studied.
The rest of the packet will be similar to the following format:

Monday night
: the student will write each spelling word. They will circle the pattern in the word with a crayon. Then, look up the word in the dictionary and record it on notebook paper and write one sentence using the word.For high frequency words, do the same thing, but since these words do not follow the spelling patterns, omit the step about  circling the pattern with the crayon.

Tuesday night
: WORD SORT For this activity, students will need glue and scissors.  Students must cut the word (or picture) out and glue it under the correct spelling pattern for the word.
Write high frequency words 5x each in cursive.

Wednesday: Sensory Spelling: Use shaving cream,whipped cream, or sand, or word net to write the word in.
Focus on the patten in the word. Close your eyes, see the word in your mind, recognize the pattern and spell it in the sand (or other material) your index finger. Write the word on paper 3x, and circle the pattern with a red crayon.

Spelling List 1

Short A Words- August 15


Each Week I will post the parent letter here for downloading. You must have Microsoft Office to open and read.

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