Group for Interactive Learning

To innovate is to add value to an existing system or theory or concept or object and thats what we are doing to education. Sounds strange? We do like to sound strange!!! We, a bunch of IITians, dreamt of an institute better than this, an environment more research friendly than this, an institute with completeness in all its services, a more interactive classroom, and a better place to live for all the academicians. And we are proud to have not stopped dreaming even after opening our eyes. We woke up to see all those changes in reality which most of us see only in dreams.
And the journey is on and on because the change has just begun...

To provide a platform for complete personality development of students by facilitating sharing of skills and knowledge for betterment of the society.

To develop collaborative models for the Govt Academia and Industries to  increase awareness towards sharing of knowledge and to enhance student-student, student-teacher as well as student-outsider interaction.
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