Welcome to Team Firecats!!!
Mr. Palmgren: Team Leader / Social Studies-
Ms Spriggs:  Language Arts-                    
Mr. Wright:  Science-                                
Mr. Kessler:  Math-                                  
Mr. Uche:  Math-                                           
Mr. Mauritzen:  Math-                              
Ms Duffey:  Math-                                      
Mr. Noel:  Math-                                             
Ms Pastore:  Support-                                

A message from Mr. Palmgren:
Hello everyone!  
As we continue our Distance Learning Program, make sure you check the Google Classrooms of ALL your teachers to keep up on your assignments.  For Social Studies, we'll continue  following the same procedures we did when we were in class; the only difference is that we will be continuing to move through the curriculum a little slower to give you time to adjust to all the other requirements being given to you. 

 Remember to follow these easy steps each day:

-STEP 0.  (an important step for success):  set aside the times that you'll be working on each subject.  You'll be much more successful if you create and stick to a schedule.  The District sent you a suggested  modified schedule and it may cause you less stress if you try to follow it.  Remember:  you should only be working on EACH SUBJECT for 30 mins EACH DAY. 

 It would also be a good idea to visit each teacher's google classroom, or check the chart below, and find out what your teachers' OFFICE HOURS are.  Office Hours are when the teacher is available to answer any of your questions via Classroom or email.  Keep in touch with your teachers and ask them ANY questions you may have.

-STEP 1.  Wake up and EMAIL your PERIOD ONE teacher for attendance.  
-STEP 2.  Begin your daily schedule in 30 minute classes
-STEP 3.  FOR SOCIAL STUDIES:  check my Google Classroom for announcements and directions.  Directions will have you grab a document from my website's download folder, as usual, and then complete the document in your regular Social Studies folder.
-STEP 4.  Use Google Classroom to ask questions.

Hope that helps!  I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you.  Have a great day


Classroom Code

Office Hours 

M - F

ELA - Spriggs


8:30 - 9:00

10:00 - 10:30

11:00 - 11:30

Science - Wright



SS - Palmgren


9:30 - 11

Math - Kessler

period 1 Algebra: bp3qrkq

period 2 Geometry: 73zfust

period 3 Geometry: xn6yrtp

period 5 Geometry: lurwlxa

period 7 Geometry: y2k6dwm


Math - Mauritzen

Algebra 1: h267ast

Pre-Algebra: 7tcn2p7


Math - Noel

Math - Uche

Pre- Algebra : fpvhukl

Algebra 1: cua6tpk


ELA - Phillips






12:00 -1:30









Spanish - Pena

Google Classroom codes for:

PE Classes = nk2ayr7
Dance = zd6d2cy
ART 2D: 6B = z35samp
ART 2D: 8A = otwr7s7
ART 2D: 8B = u6eiaau
ART 3D: 6A = p6tcazz
ART 3D: 6B = y3piuka
ART 3D: 8A = yzwd7da
8th Grade Chorus = 5a32smw
Select Chorus = bf6vkyb 


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Homework 2019 - 2020

Students will:
1. Follow directions the first time they are given
-Adhere to all building and classroom procedures
2. Respect everyone's right to learn
-Constantly work to highest academic potential
3. Arrive on time and prepared to learn
-Maximize class time by being prompt and organized
4. Participate effectively in class
-Enhance your classroom experience by listening to and learning from others