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Number Sense & Computation

Counting Skills

Counting Skills:
by 5
Place Value and Rounding: Place Value       Rounding

Estimation: Estimate this, that and the other!
Addition: Doubles Drive     Doubles Match      Doubles Bridge    Doubles Dart    Doubles Archery  


    Factors: Factorize!

        Multidigit Multiplication: Lesson/Game       On Paper & Computer     Show Me, Do it Yourself        Baseball Multiplication
Division: Lesson/Game    Long Division    Long Division
Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide:    Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide with visuals

CarrotSticks    SumDog


Fractions, Decimals and Percents (they are relatives): Let's do them all    1    2    3

Improper fractions: Free these animals that live in improper fractions
Multiply Fractions:    See and make rectangle models

Build Decimal Railroad      All in one Decimal, Percent and Fractions (Are you hungry?)
Time Measurement:  Time Mouse    Stop the Clock      Beat the clock     Future Clock!      Giraffe Time       Giraffe Time Again     Elapsed Time     Time Up by Levels

Time Challenge
Time Explorer

Other measurements:    

            Equivalent Fractions Match Game    Have you had your Fracto today?       Frogtionator             Creature Capture    Laser reFraction

Fraction Snap (not Fraction Nap)

            Cookies and Friends (parents and teachers only/this may be downloaded)      Can you make a living growing flowers?        Want to beat the ignorant goons?
            Whack-A-Mole (Count by 2, 3 and more)       Got Pizza! (Proper Fractions)   

Year Round Cups and Cones (Improper Fractions)
            Fractions Dolphin Race (use with Make Your Own Equivalent Fraction 1   
Musical Fractions:     Fractional Musical Math       Fractional Music Maker        Fractional Musical Pie (or is it Pai?)

            Fractions Rock

Order of Operations: Calculator    Are you an Order of Op Millionaire?    Call of Duty: Order of Op Rescue