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Justice Sandra Day O'Connor in favor ...

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor read students petition. Scroll down to see it. Please support. Use the form below.
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On Location TV featuring Robert Stephens of Geek Squad, Rep. Carol McFarlane, Lori Swanson, WBL School Board Chair, parents, students and Mr. Pai. Features scalable, game based curriculum using Flower Power of, Timez Attack,, Nintendo DS, Brain Age 2, Raz-Kids etc.

Mr. Pai’s Third Grade Class Petition to make Technology for Childrens' use in Classrooms a Law (written by Sabrina with help from parents and friends, please scroll down)
Students in our class are trying to make a law that every class should have technology for childrens' use like we have. For example, we have 7 laptops and 2 desktops, 11 Nintendo DS' and 18 games for math, reading, vocabulary, geography, etc. & 21 digital voice recorders for our use. The laptops help us improve our reading skills because we have access to websites like; a website that reads online books to you. We also use the laptops to learn fractions and decimals. One of the sites we use to do this is at a link called Can you make a living by growing flowers?  This is a website were you put the numbers and fractions in order from highest to lowest. One more website our class uses is the Go to Court Game where you can take someone to court and fight for your rights. This game teaches us that life is not fair and that sometimes we have to speak up for our rights.

        Now we can move to a different subject; let’s talk about the things that our class learns on the Nintendo DS's. One very useful learning game on the DS is the game Brain Age 2, my favorite game on Brain Age 2 is "Word Scramble".  You are given some letters and have to unscramble the letters to make a word. I think this game is useful because you learn to spell words in a fun way. For example, I learned how to spell the word "overflowing," on that game. One of the other games is called Math Blaster which helps you learn multiplication faster and easier. It also makes it more fun than just learning multiplication on paper and we can correct our own mistakes without waiting for Mr. Pai to help us.


        Now we can talk about the voice recorders. The voice recorders help our class learn how to read books fluently throughout the week. We can then listen to our own reading, or an adult can listen to it and correct us where we need help. I like to listen to the vocabulary words from the previous weeks and it helps me remember the meaning of the words in a quick way.


        Because of all this and how well we have done in our MAP tests (100% of the students in our class have increased our scores from Fall to Winter, 85% of us have scored more than or very near our goals for Spring in our Winter test already, and almost 65% of us have done the same in Math), we think that all classrooms should have technology that children can use, so all children can benefit and be successful. Mr. Pai thinks that it should not become a law because he thinks that our class is at an unfair advantage and we should give up what we have. He thinks it would be easier for us to give up since the adults have to worry about figuring out how to better use the money going into education and it takes a lot of work to change the minds of adults. A majority of the kids in our class think the opposite of what Mr. Pai thinks, including me.


        With your help, we will achieve our goal to make all other classes have technology like our class. Once again, the law our class is trying to make is:


        "Every classroom has to have technology tools that children can use hands-on; to learn more, faster and at each students' learning level the whole time he/she is in class."


        Don't forget, many of us also use this website after school, during the weekend and during breaks. Mr. Pai also let's us check out the DS and the games, especially for those who don't have computers at home.

        I hope you will agree with me about this law that our class wants to make. If you do, please sign with me and my friends, by typing your first name in the column to the right if you are a child, with your first and last name if you are an adult. You may also email your support to us by sending an email to Mr. Pai ( Please scroll up and look to the right side of the screen.

        With the right tools, the fun of learning never stops.

Sabrina, Anastasia, Andrew, Antonio, Arthur, Damian, Dani, Desi, Eamon, Eldred, Gavin, Jeremiah, Joey, Madysen, Pheenix, Sam, Sawyer, Thomas, Tianna (click to see a protest song), Tyler, Zachary