Play!  Did you know that you can learn a lot while playing games?  Click the safe sites below to begin learning while you play.

NetSmartz Games
Play and learn with familiar friends Clicky, Nettie and Webster!

Internet Safety Hangman created in Quia
What are your Internet "smarts?"  No need to subscribe.  Just play for free!

Internet Safety Game for Kids
sponsored by AT&T
Make your way around this city by beating the bad guy at this game.  Let your teacher or parent help you read the questions and answers.


Bad Guy Patrol
brought to you by the Alberta Children's Services
Play this game.  All your correct answers will make you a part of the Bad Guy Patrol.  Think of a pretend name or a username so that you can print your certificate at the end of the game.

Your teacher or parent will guide your way around this website. Tickle and exercise your brain with some fun activities for math, science, history and reading.  Don't miss the "playground."  There are some cool things to do to help you practice basic computer stuff.
  Note: For some activities, sign-up is necessary.